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Arduino/ESP8266/Nodemcu relay controller via MQTT and WiFi


Particle Photon Powered RGB Desk Lights via Slack
An example of serial-synapse and serial-synapse-socket using the Sparkfun Redbot


Electron app for the MLX90621 + Arduino to create a DIY thermal camera
Using Deep Learning / LeNet CNN architecture to identify traffic signs
Project 1 for Udacity's DLND - Creating a dog breed classifier convolutional neural network
Udacity DLND - TV Script Generation Project



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An authorization (not authentication) helper library. Comes by itself and with optional pre-built express middleware.
A router loader for node and express apps.
Pokemon Go Slackbot that announces nearby pokemon to channel(s)
A node module for allowing programmatic control of the useful Packer.IO tool


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A node command line app that interfaces LIFX bulbs on the same network to an MQTT network
A demo of a conversational alexa app - a quickly written choose your own adventure story app. Done for a node.jSTL presentation.
Orchestrates serial communication to MCU device utilizing CmdMessenger style communication
Given a set of desired, scheduled MQTT messages, publish them at the correct time/manner.
This is a repos containing a presentation I gave to the Full Stack Developers Group in St Louis on May 11, 2016
Dependency injection for testing in node handled by overloading the require function
A short presentation just talking about random things I find useful in node.js
A generic Alexa skill to be slotted in with a human name such that you can say "Alexa, tell <name> <some message>" - and have it text them.
Code powering daft punk helmet Halloween costume


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A Raspberry Pi Zero / node.js powered doorbell
Dynamo-Charged is an AWS DynamoDB powered ORM


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An asynchronous node.js genetic algorithm library.


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Quick Twilio app to open up the front door of phone based door consoles for apartment buildings


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Quick helper library to control JSON based karaoke!


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Single server redundancy and watchdog. Marathon keeps apps running via docker containers.
Let's pretend we have a real MongoDB
This is a presentation given @ node.jSTL # 5 about how to get started developing your own Amazon Echo skills
A Raspberry Pi + node.js powered handheld pokemon tracker
Given a synapse object, create a socket server for the device

Jupyter Notebook

fast.ai Homework #1
An attempt to coerce VGG16 to work for the StateFarm Kaggle Competition
Udacity Self Driving Car Nanodegree - Lane Lines Project 1
A quick lab for udacity self driving car on the LeNet CNN Architecture
Self driving car vehicle detection pipeline assignment for Udacity SDC Nanodegree
The first project for the Udacity Deep Learning Nanodegree
Udacity DLND Face Generation using DCGANs
Trying to create a DL pipeline to do semantic segmentation to image data via CARLA


Python based person tracking
DensePose + Facial Recognition in Python
Working through the PyImageSearch courses in my own way
Self Driving Car Nanodegree Project - Advanced Lane Finding
Udacity Self Driving Car Nanodegree - Behavioral Cloning Project 3
My miniflow library from self driving car (lesson 5)


This is a coding sample assignment from Brain Corp


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Just an idea - automagic web socket exposure for easy remote code execution
This is a coding sample as requested by an interviewing company - passwd and group as a (web) service