St. Louis Developers

Hello world!

This is a site for discovering what open source work developers are doing in the Greater St. Louis region by harvesting public information from Github.

If a user on Github has self-identified as being from St. Louis, they are included here. To do this, add St. Louis to your location in your Github profile.

Did you know?

There are over 3,000 developers from St. Louis on Github that have pushed to over 6,000 code repositories.

The author of Ansible for DevOps is from St. Louis. The creator of the sublime-text git plugin is too. Another St. Louisan created a JavaScript CMS and yet another made a Dropbox-like sync tool in pure shell script!

We have many talented and driven developers here and this site's goal is to show off our projects to the city and the rest of the world.


Contributions are welcome to the API or the UI! Filing issues is the easiest way to contribute.

The API documentation can be found here: