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Demonstration modules for DNN World 2011 Presentation



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A set of Extension Methods for making C# development a little easier
A presentation for Charlotte Day of DotNetNuke 2013
A prototype implementation of strongly-typed settings helpers for the DNN Platform
Plugin for Seesmic Desktop that expands shortened URLs


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A site generation tool (and then some) for .NET platforms
This simple and light-weight Visual Studio 2010 AddIn displays the progress of the current solution build in the Windows 7 task bar. When a project build fails, the progress bar turns red. When the build has completed, an icon overlay is added to indicate success or failure.
DotNetNuke plugin for Glimpse
This is both a sample module and VS template for creating DNN modules using WebFormsMVP.
Crawls a website, creating an static version with optimized JavaScript, etc


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Chocolatey CLI
An HTML Editor Provider for DNN using the CKEditor.
A library for managing CSS & JavaScript dependencies and optimization in ASP.Net
Demo code for my session at DNN Summit 2017, available at
An Azure Sql Database connection provider for the proposed DNN Core changes to allow for the extension of the Database Connection.
DNN GitHub-Authentication
dnnGlimpse is a DotNetNuke module that aids in troubleshooting server-side problems on your DotNetNuke installation.
DNN Corp Platform Repository.
The DNN Security Analyzer is a module aimed at helping you to improve the security on your DNN website
Prototype collection extensions for DotNetNuke (issue DNN-26722)
An extension for the DNN Platform to integrate Application Insights monitoring
Engage: Booking is an appointment management tool for the DNN Platform.
Engage: Dashboard is an administrative tool for the DNN Platform.
Engage: Employment is a job listing and applicant management tool for the DNN Platform.
Engage: Events is a calendar and event management system for the DNN Platform.


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Engage: F3 allows you to quickly and easily search for a string in the Text/HTML modules on your DotNetNuke Portal. The initial goal for the module was to make it easier for content administrators to find URLs that need replaced when moving a site from your Test environment to a Production environment, but the number of uses for Engage: F3 are limitless.
Engage: Locator is a location management tool for the DNN Platform.
Engage: Publish is an article management system/workflow engine for your DotNetNuke portal. It provides advanced content management capabilities with workflow - approval, content categorization and related articles.
Engage: Survey is a survey and form building tool for the DNN Platform
DotNetNuke module for importing and exporting site settings which aren't typically included in site templates
Engage: Tell-a-Friend gives your website visitors the ability to share links to your site with friends. This clean and elegant module is simple to implement and intuitive to use. Soon after implementing you'll apply it to all of your pages and wonder how you ever lived without Engage: Tell-a-Friend. The module can function as module on your page, a link to a modal pop-up or a skin object.


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A Git/TFS bridge, similar to git-svn
An ASP.NET Core blogging engine
A Bulk Deployment tool for the DNN CMS. PolyDeploy is focussed on security, reliability and auditability.
A replacement for the JS and CSS minification with the Client Dependency Framework that DNN uses


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Should testing for .NET - the way Asserting *Should* be!
An intentionally insecure example built using DNN Platform extensions


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The website for the Wyam static content generator, generated by Wyam.


0 0 is a free, open source, community-focused unit testing tool for the .NET Framework.


A presentation for Charlotte Day of DotNetNuke 2013


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The documentation site for the open source Content Management System DNN (formerly DotNetNuke).
Engage: Rotator is a slider/rotator tool for the DNN Platform


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Metra Mitchell portfolio site

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My personal website
nvQuickTheme is more than just a great minimalist DNN (DotNetNuke) theme. It is a powerful theme building framework and developer workflow.


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A listing of tools that are made freely available to open source projects.


A general purpose library for building credit card forms, validating inputs and formatting numbers.


Engage: Jackrabbit is a utility module for DotNetNuke which allows an administrator to add scripts to a page, while taking advantage of the Client Resource Management Framework for minification, deduplication, and bundling
Runs elm-test suites from Node.js. Get it with npm install -g elm-test


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CLI to bulk upload emojis to your Slack
Binaries for Win64 GraphicsMagick
ImageMagick Binaries for Win64, npm package


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All the Git-it Workshop completers!


Command line tool to share Elm libraries


Updates values in XML files based on XPath queries. Similar to the `xmlpoke` task in NAnt.
A Lorem Ipsum generator using Star Wars terms
A bugfix fork of Marghoob Suleman's jQuery image dropdown plugin


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jQuery Cycle Plugin Patch
Fork of
A presentation for Charlotte Day of DotNetNuke 2012
A VSTS build/release task for deploying DNN extensions via Cantarus PolyDeploy


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A jQuery plugin for creating beautiful, graceful, and painless custom dropdowns.
Graded Feature Support: Look up web technologies and find out if they are ready for use.
jQuery port of Nick Stakenburg's pushup.
A presentation on knockout.js, primarily created for DotNetNuke World 2012


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Our goal is to operate this CDN in a peer reviewed fashion.
Custom Element + Framework Interoperability Tests.
The repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions.
Admin Experience in DNN Platform


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Formerly the SignalRChat module for DotNetNuke, this code will become the next release of the dnnCHAT module.
Common JavaScript libraries packaged as DNN JavaScript Library extensions


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⚡ A flexible dev server for Elm. Live reload included!


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GraphicsMagick for node
Compress CSS files.
Minify files with UglifyJS.


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CLI for gulp
Debug vinyl file streams to see what files are run through your gulp pipeline


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Gulp plugin that compiles Elm files to JavaScript.
Gulp runner for elm-test


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Image manipulation with gm
msbuild plugin for gulp
Nuget support for gulp streaming build system
Strip comments from JSON. Lets you use comments in your JSON files!
Gulp port of grunt-xmlpoke
Return true if a value is a valid glob pattern string, or array of glob patterns.


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A free Open Source CDN for webmasters and developers


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A Knockout DataGrid


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Leaner CSS
cubehelix plugin for less.js


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glob functionality for node.js


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a package manager for javascript
:rocket: Upgrade npm on Windows


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Node Version Switcher - A cross-platform tool for switching between versions and forks of Node.js


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Papercut Simple Desktop SMTP Server
LESS parser for PostCSS
Run gulp task like a boss


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A lightweight browser extension that scrobbles the music you listen to on the web.


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An SSCCE of less variable declarations triggering variable use plugin


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Convert an absolute path to tilde path: /Users/sindresorhus/dev => ~/dev
Sample from DNN Summit 2018 talk
Interactive update for Yarn (


Chocolatey Nuget Packages


A collection of PowerShell modules
A script to build a Docker image for a DNN Platform website
My personal PowerShell profile and custom modules
Packages for the Windows installation utility
A collection of NuGet packages that don't have a home elsewhere.


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Automatic Chocolatey Package Update Powershell Module
The packages...all about the packages.
The templates....


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Lovely console emulator package for Windows
A prompt theming engine for Powershell running in ConEmu
Visual Studio color schemes based on


This repo is the home of the official Visual Studio, Visual Studio for Mac, Visual Studio Subscriptions, and Scripting Technologies documentation for Microsoft.



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Ruby version manager for Windows


Collection of high resolution web browser logos with transparent backgrounds
.NET API reference documentation (.NET Framework, .NET Core, .NET Standard and Xamarin)


Gulp plugin to format code with Prettier
Elm Language Support for Visual Studio Code


Configuration files for vim

Visual Basic


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The official blog module for the DNN Platform
DNN Reports module provides a simple, flexible, view on your database, any table, any view and display results with plugin visualizers