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cluster rendering
A minimal WebKit based browser



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This is a Python library interface to libapt, which allows you to query and manipulat APT package repository information using the Python programming language.
Various patches necessary for certain ATI/AMD/Intel/Nvidia GPUs



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My new website landing page


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Hubot script for Asana tasks


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A hubot
A javascript implementation of the Vim Command-T plugin to filter elements on a page
Turbolinks makes navigating your web application faster


It's pretty self explanatory I think
Add 2x, 1.5x, 0.5x speeds and skip 30 seconds controls to your Wistia video player
Moving to Jekyll
Generate Bootstrap styled views for Devise
In-app help with errors


A set of StimulusJS components for TailwindCSS apps similar to Bootstrap JS components.
A Vue mixin to fix Turbolinks caching
A port of the Solarized theme to Textual IRC
Rails ActiveStorage DirectUploads engine for Uppy


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A NodeJS IRC client in the browser


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An IRC library for node.js


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Turntable Plus - a fan-made Chrome Extension!
Ruby modules for weather underground


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A web based persistent IRC client built on node.js
App for quickly finding out if it'll freeze tonight in a certain area
Embed markdown editor with bootstrap button UI.
Chrome extension that replaces occurrences of 'the cloud' with 'my butt'
A Firefox extension that replaces occurrences of "the cloud" with "my butt".
An Opera extension that replaces occurrences of "the cloud" with "my butt".
A Safari extension that replaces occurrences of "the cloud" with "my butt".
A WebRTC screen recorder electron application
An electron app that is a basic html5 webcam
Enables easy display of items (taken from a Rails 3 model) with Google Map, OpenLayers, Bing or Mapquest. Geocoding + Directions included. Provides much options: markers customization, infowindows, auto-adjusted zoom, polylines, polygons, circles etc... See wiki for full description and examples.


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Public Slack organizations made easy


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SnapChat fork - Submit a PR with latest working RN code


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A progressive, incrementally-adoptable JavaScript framework for building UI on the web.


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A set of Vue components for the plyr video & audio player.



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Textual is a lightweight IRC client for Mac OS X.


My wordpress theme for excid3.com
Gem Reboot
An app of tasks lists for each individual user. Built on Laravel 5.2, using 5.2 authentication and middleware. This has robust verbose examples using Laravel best practices. The task list is a build out of https://laravel.com/docs/5.2/quickstart. This included minimal bootstrap implementation.



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A minimal IRC bot for logging channels


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A simple python pastebin
A high-level cross-protocol url-grabber
A Django web application for maintaining python IRC bots
Fluttr desktop application in Python and GTK


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An IRC bot that accepts pastes, uploads them, and notifies recipients


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An IRC bot that shortens URLs via bit.ly


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A pure python layer for offline package managers


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Rhythmbox plugin for sorting files
My very first little Python web app for a job interview. Boy was it bad.


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A cross platform package manager for offline machines


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Proof of concept distributed cluster graphics rendering system and window manager


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The open-source github achievements system! Prologger will track all your development achievements and create a development log, for you and your friends
Library for manipulation with Debian packages and repositories based on minidinstall
A minimal python url shortener



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A wonderfully simple calendar gem for Rails


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Easily jumpstart a new Rails application with a bunch of great features by default


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Easy receipts and invoices for your Rails applications


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A gem for Rails to automatically search Google for exceptions raised in your Rails applications
A simple, extensible Rails forum
A Rails time_select like Google Calendar with combined hour and minute time_select


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The easiest payments library for Rails, Stripe, and Braintree
An example Rails application to demonstrate SimpleCalendar AJAX next/previous links


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Setup, test, and implement the OAuth connections to over 70 different APIs.
Show multiple, overlapping events across calendar days and rows. Rails plugin.
Lists a user's active github projects


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An elegantly simple todo list
Curating articles that inspire discussion
Railsconf 2020 example app for showcasing ActionText
A trello clone using Stimulus Reflex
A Ruby gem for the Weather Underground API
A ruby library for http://animatedgif.me
Monitor your CSS in development to create a whitelist for PurgeCSS in Rails with Webpacker
A Rails engine that helps you put together a super-flexible admin dashboard.
See how to deploy Rails to Ubuntu with Capistrano
Action Cable Examples
Resources routes that use the same for new and edit so users get less 404s
Chef Solo recipes to setup a Rails stack on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
An example how to make the dates clickable with simple_calendar for creating new events
A react todo list application with Ruby on Rails
Episode 211: Adding the Trix Editor as an Administrate Custom Field
A download counter implemented in Rails3 with an administration interface


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Hot Potato is an open source real-time processing framework written in Ruby.
OmniSocial is a Rails engine for Twitter and Facebook logins
Testing ActionText in Rails 5.2
Parser for email replies
Use VueJS to add markdown previews to any Rails form input field or text area.
With Great Gifs Comes Great Responsibility


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A Ruby and/or Rails client for Blogspam.net
A mechanized way to pull in one to many CDNJS libraries with fall back to local installed versions.
It will fetch the countries and according to that fetch the state of that countries, currently it is for countries listing


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Ruby client for the undocumented Google Weather API


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A website to maintain user submitted profiles for Keryx
Social Volt Contest Entry


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A performance dashboard for Postgres
A small and simple Rails 3.2 project that is ready to be used as a prelaunch site. It includes all the necessary requirements like prize groups, open/closed states, and simple social sharing.


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A Ruby IRC bot


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A package tracker visualizing progress on Google Maps


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A Ruby interface to the Twitter API.
Fork of Active Merchant with PayPal Recurring Payments fuctionalities
Provides a simple way to add rating functionality to your application.


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It's asteroids, what more do you want for a description?
Subscription Billing & Management for Ruby on Rails / Implementation of Laravel Cashier
Using the Basecamp API with Ruby
A Datepicker for Twitter Bootstrap, integrated with Rails assets pipeline
A Ruby gem that wraps the ConvertKit API v3
Makes Rails' link_to confirm: 'foo' build a Bootstrap Modal instead of calling the browser's confirm() API.
Process your Paperclip attachments in the background with delayed_job or Resque.
select or create through a join table


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A full-stack Facebook Graph API wrapper in Ruby.
A library for streaming data from Gnip
A Ruby wrapper around the Google Places API
A Ruby interface to the HackerRank / InterviewStreet API


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Helpy is a modern, "mobile-first" helpdesk application built in Ruby. Features include multi-lingual knowledgebase, community discussions and private tickets integrated with email.


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Ruby wrapper around Highrise API.
A Rubygem for the IceRocket API
Clone all repos owned by a given user
An Omniauth Strategy for Linode's v4 API
A strategy for omniauth and the new beta Stripe.com platofrm.
The Rails gem to add support for Foamicate.
OmniAuth strategy for Twitter


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Easy file attachment management for ActiveRecord
A time select component using only ONE select field
This project generates html and uploads it to a remote server for my computer science senior project.
Adds support for creating state machines for attributes on any Ruby class
A mocking library for testing stripe ruby
Rails builder for creating tables and calendars inspired by ActionView's FormBuilder.


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Time of day and shift types for Ruby


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Map your trip itineraries out in an easy-to-share way!
A Ruby gem for communicating with the Twilio API and generating TwiML
A generic interface to integrate with multiple vault-style Gateways (Authorize.net CIM, NMI Customer Vault, etc.)
Ruby on Rails version of the Web Labyrinth Project
Just a simple Vue.js webpacker example with Rails 5.1
The administration framework for Ruby on Rails applications.


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Trying to practice setting up @mentions using atjs


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Easy full stack backup operations on UNIX-like systems.
An opinionated collection of StimulusJS best practices


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BitBucket API gem - bitbucket_rest_api


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Manage your application's gem dependencies with less pain


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Chart.js for Rails Asset Pipeline
Chef cookbook for rbenv. Manages rbenv and its installed rubies. Several LWRPs are also defined.
Database based asynchronous priority queue system -- Extracted from Shopify


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Flexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden.
Extension for devise, enable login as functionality. Add link to the masquerade_path(resource) and use it.


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The open source error catcher that's Airbrake API compliant


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A simple app for favoriting tweets automatically


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Manage Procfile-based applications


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Ruby wrapper and CLI for the GitLab REST API


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Heroku CLI


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The missing package manager for OS X.
I'll figure out a good use for this later 😬
HTML processing filters and utilities
Wants to truncate an HTML string properly? This Ruby gem is for you.
I18n date/number parsing/localization - RMU Project
A Ruby wrapper around Infoconnect's API
Client library for Intercom web service


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Jbuilder: generate JSON objects with a Builder-style DSL


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:globe_with_meridians: Jekyll is a blog-aware static site generator in Ruby


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Language Savant. If your repository's language is being reported incorrectly, send us a pull request!


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Ruby on Rails Administration Engine


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A Rails gem to send messages inside a web application
[API v3] Mailjet official Ruby GEM


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A Read-Write Proxy for Connections; Also provides an ActiveRecord adapter.


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Find the mime type of files, examining file, filename and declared type


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Pure Ruby implementation of an SSH (protocol 2) client


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A Ruby wrapper for the OAuth 2.0 protocol.
OmniAuth strategy for Bitbucket.
OmniAuth strategy for Dribbble.
Omniauth Strategy for Feedly
A Harvest strategy for OmniAuth
PayPal strategy for OmniAuth
Shopify OAuth2 Strategy for OmniAuth 1.0
Square OAuth2 Strategy for OmniAuth
Ruby Interface for the OpenLibrary API


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The ultimate pagination ruby gem


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acts_as_paranoid for Rails 3 & 4


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Drop-in Rails engine for accepting payments with Stripe
Copies postgres databases to redshift


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Parse Photoshop files in Ruby with ease
Rack::UTF8Sanitizer is a Rack middleware which cleans up invalid UTF8 characters in request URI and headers.


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Ruby on Rails
Rails generator which allows to scaffold admin controllers, views with proper (non-namespaced) models, helpers, tests and routes


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Ruby file uploads, take 3


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Sample Rails app with server-rendered React components
A simple calendar gem example with Rails 6
An example of the simple_discussion gem using Rails locales in the route


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Simple yet powerful ruby ffmpeg wrapper for reading metadata and transcoding movies
Stripe webhook integration for Rails applications.
SweetAlert2 for Rails


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An example todo list app for Hatch


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Support for `render` with Turbolinks in Rails controllers
Gem for Rails 3 and 4, that helps validate overlap
How to use VueJS & Turbolinks together


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Ruby bindings for VULTR API.


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Efficient and thread-safe code loader for Ruby



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My personal dotfiles for macOS: zsh, MacVim, iterm, and more.


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An asdf extension that safely sets global and per-project environment variables, based upon rbenv


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Extendable version manager with support for Ruby, Node.js, Elixir, Erlang & more


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Ruby plugin for asdf version manager


Native iOS adapter for building hybrid apps with Turbolinks 5



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Vim distribution