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GDAL-compatible file format driver designed for fast access to imagery


Python for GIS and Remote Sensing Class for St. Louis University, Spring 2017 Semester


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Repository for javascript and html basketball shotchart visualizations.
This project explores how Geographic Information Systems can be used for managing, visualizing, and analyzing basketball data.
Materials for the Intro to Programming for GIS and Remote Sensing Course that I teach at Saint Louis University
OptimizeRasters is a set of tools for converting raster data to optimized Tiled TIF or MRF files, moving data to cloud storage, and creating Raster Proxies.


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A map layer for mapping the flow of objects. Extends Esri JSAPI and renders on the HTML canvas.
Image service scatter plot example
Visualize BigData through space and time

Jupyter Notebook

Ideas for a more advanced Python class for GIS and Remote Sensing,
Ideas for a more advanced Python class for GIS and Remote Sensing,
Repository containing test notebooks for analysis using Spatial Statistics tools, Arcpy, and the ArcGIS API for Python.
Data releases for the Urban Prairies project
Notebook for blog on using ArcGIS-R Bridge with Jupyter
Jupyter Notebooks for the Python Data Science Handbook
SLUCOR HDS510 - Programming for Health Data Science - 2016 Fall


This repo contains scripts and instructions on how to map the sky using high quality, publicly available astronomical observations.
Makes NFL drive charts in ArcGIS using nflgame and arcpy
Documentation and samples for ArcGIS API for Python


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A repo of tools that can be used to clean up your raster data that stored in the cloud
data comparison tools written in python
ArcGIS built-in python raster functions for deep learning to get you started fast.
A curated set of lightweight but powerful tools for on-the-fly image processing and raster analysis in ArcGIS.
Process spectral reflectance data.
Interpolation between water quality data points for Carlyle Lake.
This project is a construct toward building a timeline sequence of maps of Saint Louis University.
Hot-spot analysis of terrorism data from the Philippines


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Pyramid brings R's beloved auto.arima to Python, making an even stronger case for why you don't need R for data science.
content suitability assessment tools
Tools to help you setup a mosaic dataset to support fast, web-based suitability analysis



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The CV template that I've been using for almost 10 years!
This folder contains the PAHFIT mapping tools that I created as a Spitzer Visiting Graduate Student Fellow and results for M51 and other galaxies