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Access private and public keys stored in Mac OS X's Keychain from the command line.
Object-based implementation of Cocoa's Key-Value Observing
An Xcode3 project template that is handy for small utility classes and testing them.


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Ben and I working on a simple golf-scoring program
Updated SQLite Android Bindings for modern Android NDK


Sample code and apps that help you learn about the webOS PDK


A git filter that normalizes innocuous changes (dumb maven paths, repeated libraries, newlines) from iml files



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A JVM implemented in 100% pure Java, ported from MaxineVM
GAE App that searches twitter for "sneak peak" tweets and corrects the sender
Android OS implementation of the PhoneGap API
A simple app to post and rank images.
Asynchronous socket, http (client+server), websocket, and library for android. Based on nio, not threads.
A talk and examples about how to use maven to build android apps
Android Sliding Up Panel Demo


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BoundBox provides an easy way to test an object by accessing all its fields, constructor and methods, public or not. BoundBox breaks encapsulation.
Pluggable type-checking for Java
A High Dynamic Range (HDR) Histogram


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My Personal Podcast Player
Horizontal list view for Android which allows variable items widths


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Android Asynchronous Networking Made Easy
A simple jacoco example using both agent and offline modes.
Android Unit Testing Framework


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A lightweight wrapper around SQLiteOpenHelper which introduces reactive stream semantics to SQL operations.


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A lightweight wrapper around SQLiteOpenHelper which introduces reactive stream semantics to SQL operations.
Minimum, Complete, Verifiable Example of



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A JavaScript library to ease automated iOS UI testing with UIAutomation and Instruments
A framework for building native apps with React.


Demonstrates an apollo bug resulting in: `Stack is empty` exception in an isolated minified project, reported as


Categories for Foundation collection classes.
A flexible, advanced split-view controller for iPad developers.


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Command Line Launcher for the iPhone Simulator


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A multitouch painting iPhone app for my son, Ben
Code for getting OCUnit test results in XML format.
A demonstration of the iPhone map capabilities.
A way to declare categories that causes a link-time error if you forget to include the category's .m file in the target.
A fast & simple, yet powerful & flexible logging framework for Mac and iOS
Implementations of the Game of Life during STL Code Retreat
"Cracks" the screen when touched
Dailymotion Objective-C client API


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Automated acceptance tests for native iOS apps


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Test Framework for Objective-C
A demonstration of a progress view build with CoreAnimation Layers
myLauncher is a lightweight Objective-C iOS Launcher
UIKit based Spingboard clone, similar to Three20's TTLauncherView. (Update Aug-9-2011: finally have time to refactor this for iOS5 custom container view controllers)
A plain OAuth library in Objective-C, and example app for iPhone.
Simple offline caching for UIWebView and other NSURLConnection clients
A super easy to use launcher for your iOS projects
Demonstrates iOS7 Gradient CoreImage to UIImage conversion crash.
Shows that titleView and leftBarButtonItem can both be set on UINavigationItem
Demonstrates that you can't add a child UIViewController to a UINavigationController during another child's viewWillAppear/viewDidAppear
Shows that UIViewContentMode doesn't properly affect UIButton titleLabels, but UIControlHorizontalAlignment and UIControlVerticalAlignment does.
Show that clang erroneously warns about missing protocol implementations when they are implemented on a superclass.
An example project that demonstrates CocoaPods issues 4370
A test project to try to eliminate the vertical space on a UILabel
In-memory CoreData stores don't ignore entities with a "NOT ( <set> CONTAINS SELF)" predicate
Sample iOS App
Code from my Strange Loop 2013 Talk
Demonstrates how building with Xcode7/iOS9 SDK and running on an iOS8.4 simulator breaks NSFetchedResultsController+UITableView integration.
An Objective-C pattern for making sum types


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Mock objects for Objective-C
Stub your network requests easily! Test your apps with fake network data and custom response time, response code and headers!
A solution to in Objective-C
Give pull-to-refresh & infinite scrolling to any UIScrollView with 1 line of code.
Demonstrates that UIAutomation doesn't include javascript files in the proper order.
Shows how containment view controllers don't call viewWillAppear: on their children if their children are changed after being pushed with animation onto a UINavigationController
Demonstrates that UIScrollView can crash if its delegate is not explicitly nilled.
Shows how the Keyboard doesn't properly hide after -[UITextField resignFirstResponder] on iOS5.1
Demonstrates a bug where pasting content to a UIWebView wraps the content in a <font size="3">
Demonstrates rdar://13963273. UISearchBar.searchTextPositionAdjustment doesn't scroll search text properly.


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xctool is a replacement for Apple's xcodebuild that makes it easier to build and test iOS and Mac projects.


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Objective-C bindings for YAJL (Yet Another JSON Library) C library



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Interact with your Pebble from any device



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A small command-line interface framework.


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The Cocoa Dependency Manager.


A tool to install components of the Android SDK to use with the Maven Android Plugin.



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The best iOS app for GitHub.


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mal - Make a Lisp
JSON Object mapping written in Swift
A place for me to test Swift code.


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Bugs I discovered in Swift
How to load a custom font from within a swift cocoapod