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Part 2 of How to use GraphQL with Ruby on Rails
DIY Dropdown Demo
The free HTML theme available to download and follow along as we convert it to a WordPress theme.


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A meaningful web typography starter kit.
The final WordPress theme as well as data available for import. Follow along with the tutorials to build the same theme from scratch.


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The last Markdown editor, ever.


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A responsive version of the 960 grid, the Pvel way!


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Repo for Getting Started with Git
A quick example of local storage with JavaScript
Free resource to learn Markdown


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Demo repo


Tumblr Boiler Plate Theme


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A Ruby on Rails Application starter template for screencasts featured on Web-Crunch.com
The official boilerplate for tumblr theme development.
A demo of how to build Airbnb's home page using Tailwind CSS
A landing page inspired by a free template from Wix.com rebuilt with Tailwind CSS.
A code base to help guide anyone looking to build responsive emails using the Foundation for Emails framework.
Source code for the accompanying eBook titled Pro Tumblr Theming from Web-Crunch.com
Getting to know angular


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Easily jumpstart a new Rails application with a bunch of great features by default
Justalever.com reboot
An HTML version of the Pro Tumblr Theming eBook


A rapid Rails 6 application template for personal use bundled with Tailwind CSS


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A Vue.js front-end paired with a Ruby on Rails API-based backend
A completely responsive CSS-only navbar using Tailwind CSS
A demo multitenancy workout app built with Ruby on Rails for a tutorial on web-crunch.com
This repo is for a quick tutorial on how I utilize Gulp.js in a basic project.
A WordPress starter theme that uses Sass, Gulp, Node and more.
An intro to AngularJS guide created by Thinkful
An AngularJS Starter repo for Angular + ES6 + (Webpack or JSPM) by @AngularClass


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Just following along a tutorial for React.js
Triggers classes on html elements based on the scroll position. Uses requestAnimationFrame so it doesn't jack the users scroll.


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jQuery Plugin for Sticky Objects


Shopify Starter Theme


A collection of code snippets I reuse all the time
A website for Endlyss Designs built on top of the Kirby CMS using Gulp, Sass, and Yarn


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Custom Theming by David Poninski(poninski.com) and Andy Leverenz (justalever.com)



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An Ruby on Rails based job board application based on a screencast for Web-Crunch.com.


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A demo project management app
A demo of how to build a basic blog using Ruby on Rails
A demo of how to build a Dribbble clone using Ruby on Rails


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Twittter - A tutorial of how to clone some features of Twitter using Ruby on Rails
A demo drag and drop image upldate Ruby on Rails app using Stimulus.js, DropZone.js, and ActiveStorage


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A new series featuring an eCommerce based Let's Build using Ruby on Rails


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A SaaS based demo app revolving around book downloads and stripe subscriptions


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A demo Rails app built around the concept of consultancies and scheduling events.
A Ruby on Rails marketplace application which leverages Stripe Connect
Part 1 of How to use GraphQL with Ruby on Rails
A demo forum rails app for a tutorial on my YouTube channel youtube.com/c/webcrunch
A example Ruby on Rails app that showcases custom scaffold templates
An basic email subscription workflow for a Ruby on Rails app


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A tutorial on signing in with Twitter using Ruby on Rails, Devise, and Omniauth
A short guide on adding Tailwind CSS to Ruby on Rails


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Ruby on Rails Tutorial demo application
Let's Build: With Ruby on Rails - Extending Devise - Confirmation Emails
Demo e-commerce type of rails app


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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Ruby on Rails applications.
The chat app for Learn Enough Action Cable to Be Dangerous
Latest installment of Let's Build: With Ruby on Rails series
A job board built with Ruby on Rails using stripe integration
Demo project management app with rails
A demo of how to build a basic Twitter-like app using Ruby on Rails


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Ruby gem that lets you create draft versions of your database records.
A quick guide to custom routing in a Ruby on Rails application using the Devise gem


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First Ruby On Rails App
Diving in to learning Ruby on Rails
An example of how to add markdown support to a Ruby on Rails app
Sample app for RoR tutorial


The portfolio of Andy Leverenz - 2017