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Respond + Laravel + Angular 2 - now at madoublet/respond
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Fixture upload is our free, open source JavaScript library to upload files and images directly to Amazon S3.
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Dedicated repository for the Polymer-based web components used in Respond



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Triangulate is a fun way to build fast, beautiful, and reliable static websites. Triangulate is maintained by Matthew Smith. Learn more at


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Hashedit (aka #edit) is a free, open-source visual editor for your website with support for rich text editing, drag-and-drop reordering, image uploading and more. Hashedit provides just enough content management while not getting in your way from developing a beautiful website.


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(DEPRECATED) This is the archive for the fifth version of Respond.
A collection of tools I use to make my Windows 8 applications awesome.
The hashedit-app repo provides the api and admin UI for hashedit.
Plugins for Respond 6.
A Windows 8 app that utilizes Bing Maps and Yelp to find places to meetup
Express implementation of Prebuilt Cart (


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The next generation of Respond.
A POC for accessing the a Respond site's API from an ionic app.
The Power of Serverless for Front-End Developers



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Angular 5 + Lumen PHP + Static HTML sites. Respond 7 is a responsive CMS that features Bootstrap 3, a complete REST API, templates, plugins, and more.


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(DEPRECATED) Responsive CMS used to build responsive sites using Bootstrap
PHP Apache API for Triangulate
The JavaScript Cart built for Stripe Checkout


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Backup for Respond CMS (not maintained)
WIP for next generation Respond backend


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(DEPRECATED) This is the archive for the third version of Respond.


Respond Box is a custom configuration of scotch/box meant to make setting up Respond really easy using Vagrant.


Angular CLI powered front-end for RespondCMS.