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Syntax theme for Atom editor
**DEPRECATED** - GitHub syntax highlighting for Atom
Flexbox made easy - *no longer supported*
A light syntax theme for Atom, great for daytime or outside coding sessions.
A light syntax theme for the Atom editor based on colors from the base16 ocean palette
A syntax theme for the Atom editor based on colors from the base16 ocean palette
My wife's personal blog
My user styles for websites I visit frequently.
Coronavirus tracker using Svelte


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Fun project to test our open source GitHub process.


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Flexbox grid system
Override GitHub Enterprise styles to make it look like public GitHub
wedding website for Joe and Kelly
Wedding website for Laura Kelly and Austin Reed
A starting point for creating your own custom Mailspring themes!
Colors from Google's Material Design palette in an easy to use format
An AngularJS directive for converting text emojis into image-based emoticons, also supporting automatic multimedia link embedding


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WIP responsive github profile viewer


Angular2 snippets for HTML and Typescript
JavaScript language package for Atom
Synchronize all your settings and packages across atom instances



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we are learning go


Template for a new Jekyll site
A directory style listing of URLs for mcbride-short-urls


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My resume


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Data Projects for the web (mostly STL based)
A collection of useful online web development tools


Hyper theme based on the Atom Electron Highlighter Syntax package
Convert color strings between hex, rgb, and hsl right from your terminal
Additional themes for the Insomnia REST client
Hyper theme based on the hyper.is website
Sudoku solver written in Javascript
Hyper theme based on City Lights syntax
Hyperterm theme based on the Atom Electron Highlighter theme.


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Everybody loves dad jokes... right?
Mostly monochrome Hyper theme, but with red and green
Efficiently test whether an object contains the specified value
Electron Highlighter syntax for VS Code
Hyper theme based on the Firefox Dev Tools
Efficiently filter arrays of objects
Node script to migrate firebase data from realtime database to cloud firestore
Template for starting a new HTML project


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Super fast implementation of removing duplicates from an array


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For when you just need lodash uniqBy without all the baggage of lodash
US Area Codes
Starter template for generating a VS Code theme using variables
Address book app using Angular, Node, Loopback, and MongoDB
Solutions to Advent of Code


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:atom: The hackable text editor
Helps developers maintain consistent coding styles between different editors
autocomplete+ path autocompletion
Online color converter


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Documentation of ZEIT now and other services
An experiment in re-writing my personal website using Gatsby.js


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⚡️ A Vue.js-powered, modern website generator
personal website built using Gridsome
Pretty basic app that can keep track of a 12 week training program for a half marathon


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A terminal built on web technologies
Hyper theme for daytime coding
Extends the first tab in Hyper to cover the macOS traffic lights
Hide the Hyper window title when there is only one tab
HyperTerm autolink extension
The official website for the Hyper terminal
Dark Hyper theme based on Tailwind color palette
Light Hyper theme based on Tailwind config colors


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Cross-platform HTTP and GraphQL Client
Port of Firefox's JSON Viewer for Chrome and Opera
repo for solutions to the learnyoumongo Nodeschool workshopper
Folder of project files for learnyounode
API for interacting with various data to serve up to my web apps.
Redirects for https://mcbrid.es


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Basic todo app using the MEAN stack


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Tiny milisecond conversion utility


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Mysteries of the Rosary
Follow along to the book Node Craftsman


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The command line interface for Now
Address book built with React and Firebase
React Sudoku solver
Nodeschool scope chains and closures module


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Lightweight sortBy function that could replace lodash.sortBy
stream-adventure course from http://nodeschool.io/#workshoppers


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A website for the Syntax Podcast
AngularJS directive to toggle the disabled attribute on buttons


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📝 Minimalistic Vue-powered static site generator



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my dotfiles


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Extremely fast and simple git prompt for bash
Terminal and iTerm colors based on Electron Highlighter syntax


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The configuration framework for Zsh

Vim script


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my .vim files


A resource for visually understanding flexbox


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my personal website
Another color accessibility checker. Because there aren't enough of these apparently...
Source code for the front-end of our address book
My website, built using Nuxt
Vue.js file upload component, Multi-file upload, Upload directory, Drag upload, Drag the directory, Upload multiple files at the same time, html4 (IE 9), `PUT` method, Customize the filter