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Mac OS X application for visualizing and testing RESTful requests.


Personal website for Mícheál Morgan


An interface for simplifying and testing RESTful requests.
A storage abstraction supporting Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud Files, EMC Atmos, FTP and the local file system.
Dataflow translates to or from XML, YAML, JSON, JSON-P and serialized PHP.
Powerful Kohana ACL designed with the minimalist in mind.
Kohana support (Database, ORM, ORM-REST, Dispatch) for the ever so popular jQuery table plugin, DataTables. This is a wrapper for Paginate.
Paginate abstraction supporting Database, ORM, ORM-REST and Dispatch.
Think Kohana query builder but for REST services.
PriceAdjust is an advanced Magento tool for mass updating product prices using custom rules.
Flavor of Kohana ORM created for REST including relationship support for "has one", "has many" and "belongs to".
Ability for user to browse all products on the front-end of a Magento store with layered navigation
PHP language bindings for Cloud Files API