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Just some simple examples of how to do easy unit testing in C


C# client library for Mixer streaming service



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Sample code submissions for Interviewstreet codechecker


AngularJS directives to easily work with JQuery Isotope.
A website for quickly determining if you are healthy enough to be a living kidney donor


AWS SAM Local 🐿 is a CLI tool for local development and testing of Serverless applications


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Docker - the open-source application container engine


Curriculum and course materials for CS50x Live in Kansas City
Course curriculum materials for CS50x Live in St Louis.
Spike testing out the middleman functionality in regards to hosting curriculum content for CS50


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Turn your R code into a web API.


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How to Think Like a Computer Scientist, Interactive Edition


Quick templates you can throw code in during a HackerRank challenge
Problem sets for mastering Java
Trying out GWT
Simple repo with examples of using Spring Boot
Examples preparing for the SCJP exam
The latest edition of ata
Just some simple java examples
Global Hack III competition


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Greedy problem set
Jackson serializers for JTS Geometry objects
Simple Java application to simulate a machine that checks lottery tickets
An example Github, Travis CI and Heroku Java project.
Template for CS50 Greedy in Java. Maven. Spring. Unit Testing
Examples for the Oracle Java Associate Certification
Examples of Object Oriented Design in Java for the LaunchCode Community
Quick demo of SpringMVC using Spring Boot
St. Louis Metrolink Android application


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The Strategy Design pattern implemented in Java


Simple angular.js app to look up members of the LaunchCode's CS50 class
Step by step LaunchCode mini lectures to help you master the material
just some gae examples
Example app using gwt-sound wrapper for SoundManager2
Next steps for CS50 graduates and those who have been out of the game
App using ninja chat and angular js. It is pretty awesome
Angular.js and Semantic-UI come together to build a website for ordering giftcards
Angular client for relaying messages on the stl ferry company ships
simple javascript
Docker image that allows you to create custom checks for server availability.
shuttle GeoJSON points into DSV encoding.
Machine Learning stack to generate RDF documents from text input
Boom, gotem
Examples of how to use HTML5 canvas as well as Kinetic.js
trying out node js and it rocks
Send faxes with Node.js and the Phaxio API
A template for an AWS SAM project with continuous integration.
Just a really simple app using Angular.js to help people get started using the framework
Stripe has a super easy API to use. Here are some live code examples.
Server for Snap Scrip to perform some simple email and Stripe processing
iPad integration to Scala media players


iOS app for the St. Louis Metrolink Transit System
Demo app from the Kirksville Java Users Group


Playing around with a Globalsat bu-535 GPS receiver


This is project is the source code for my talk pertaining to ATDD and testing with Cucumber. Please enjoy!
A set of improvements to Capybara/Poltergeist/PhantomJS test stack that reduces the occurrence of transient failures.
One number that connects a potential living kidney donor to the nearest hospital transplant program.


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CASino is a Ruby-based Single Sign-On solution supporting the CAS standard
Puppet module for managing docker
Dudeler. You own the web
Doing the Bowling Kata in Ruby!
The solution to keep your Rails ActiveRecord migrations up to date


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Edit phrases inline for your Ruby on Rails applications!


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A Ruby on Rails Engine which provides a double entry accounting system for your application


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Object-based searching. With maintenance by @radar and @jonatack!


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Active Record, improved. Live again :)
Twilio Test Toolkit (TTT) makes it easy to write RSpec integration tests for Rails applications that serve Twilio phone callbacks.


Some example dockerfiles for use with Docker
Dockerfile for postgis
Simple sqlite database and scripts based on the GTFS standard


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Software-Defined Networking tools for LXC (LinuX Containers)
simple script to run webkit2png snapshots on the st. joan of arc website