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Mark Volkmann's blog using 11ty
demonstrates an HTML table with a fixed header and both vertical and horizontal scrolling


Lambda Lounge Vending Machine code in Clojure



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My playground for Go programming
This is for experimenting with module support in Go 1.11.
This is for experimenting with module support in Go 1.11.


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a set of Go functions that provide a substitute for the missing ternary operator



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simple Todo application written using ES6 (using Traceur) and AngularJS
A long article about the Clojure programming language
my Github Pages repo.
This demonstrates creating a Svelte Dialog component that uses the HTML <dialog> element.
example code for Web Components, CSS Custom Properties, and Polymer
Svelte UI for performing CRUD operations on a collection of objects
Polymer behaviour to help internationalize your application
An article about Docker
This demonstrates to holy grail of HTML/CSS page layout.
This demonstrates deploying an 11ty site to GitHub Pages using the gh-pages npm package.
a library of reusable Svelte components
This demonstrates using "page" to add routing to a Svelte app.
a Svelte app to help with packing for trips


This is a demo of using the Haskell scotty library to implement a REST server.
My solutions to exercises in the book "Programming in Haskell" by Graham Hutton.



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versioned map implementation in Java


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WAX - a new approach to writing XML
Example Projects Using Micronaut


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examples of using the React web framework
a simple Svelte-based todo app


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a set of utility functions that make using Redux easier
defines a React hook for managing application state
the easiest way to manage state in a React application
a set of framework-agnostic JavaScript functions that support language translation in web applications
a greatly simplified version of Redux inspired by a post from Dan Abramov
AngularJS examples
a React implementation of the "Tour of Heroes" web application


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code for Nathan's University PL101 course
A Node package for interacting with a PostgreSQL database
very simple way to support routing in React applications


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A library of JavaScript functions that take an iterable and mimic the functionality of many Array methods
A Node.js package to make it easier to use MySQL.
demonstrates using Svelte components in a React app
A plugin for ESLint


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demo of using ES modules in Node.js
demonstrates a potential issue in Hook.oi


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JavaScript functions for getting the next version of an object after making a change at a given path
demonstrates standard use of Redux in a simple React application
a Svelte writable store that is persisted to sessionStorage
This implements server-side rendering (SSR) in a Svelte application.
A base stream class for node that reliably buffers until next tick
demonstrates using context-easy
demo of PostgreSQL, Node, Express, REST, React, and Docker
lab exercises for JavaScript class
lab exercises for my jQuery class
This demonstrates using the JSLint tool from Apache Ant.
A simple library for reading files and streams line by line.
Demonstrates implementing REST services in Node.js using Express
a simple React-based todo app
demonstrates usage of redux-easy
Demonstrates using the npm package "serverless" to work with cloud functions
This is for debugging an issue in svelte-testing-library.


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Todo web app implemented in Vue


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11ty demo of data cascade
There are lab exercises for a course I teach on AngularJS.
Backbone.js demo


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A web app to keep track of birthdays that demonstrates progressive web app (PWA) techniques
A demo component using TJ Holowaychuk's "component" framework
An app that uses the color-cycle component.


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A programming language with a dreamy syntax


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A fully pluggable tool for identifying and reporting on patterns in JavaScript.
React specific linting rules for ESLint
This demonstrates using the Fetch API from a web app implemented in Vue to a backend implemented in Node.js and Express that talks to a PostgreSQL database.


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This demonstrates a very basic project that uses Flow for type checking.
GraphQL demo
demonstration of using gulp and grunt to generate ES5 code from ES6 code and generate sourcemaps


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Why doesn't this run the tests?


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:owl: Custom jest matchers to test the dom structure
My AngularJS Seed
This is an example of building an HTTP server using Node.js, Express, MongoDB, WebSockets and the cluster module.
A Node module that provides auth token generation and management.
A component to be used in React projects that displays images based on a url. Database agnostic for storage of images.
Code :arrow_right: prettier :arrow_right: eslint --fix :arrow_right: Formatted Code :sparkles:
CLI for prettier-eslint


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This demonstrates progressive web app (PWA) concepts.
demonstrates React useContext hook added in v16.7
Converts React Context API example from Wes Bos to use redux-easy
An extendable SVG donut chart React component
a demo for Gary Barmak
demonstrates using the react-grid-layout package
Collection of React Hooks
Demonstrates an approach to handling input events in React
An autocomplete component for React Native
a React Native app for learning
This demonstrates how to use createDrawerNavigation.


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a PWA demo implemented with React
An example of a simple approach to URL routing in React
example for a talk on React
Demo app that uses React, Redux, and many popular JavaScript tools
demonstrates creating a library of Svelte components
demonstrates using Sapper
This demonstrates creating a PWA with Sapper.


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This is a starting point for new React projects.
This is a starter for a set of REST services that work with a PostgreSQL database.
alternative to an HTML select that can be styled


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Cybernetically enhanced web apps
website for the Trails of Jacobs Summit subdivision
This demonstrates using the CSS ancestor sibling selector to implement a hideable left nav area.
demonstrates using top-state-hook at


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Translate text on node.js and the browser with promises
a collection of reusable UI components implemented with React


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the easiest way to manage state in a Vue application


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demonstration of a basic CRUD app using Node.js and Express
demonstrates using websockets to communicate between and Angular app and a React app embedded in it




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Adds static typing to JavaScript to improve developer productivity and code quality.



Lambda Lounge Vending Machine code in Ruby


A much easier way to write Angular applications that use ngrx/store to manage state
Angular app for learning about ngrx/store


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Monorepo for ngrx codebase

Vim script


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A Vim plugin that provides functions that modify React source files
changes a JavaScript anonymous function to an arrow function expression (ES 2015)


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my files for setting up a new Unix/Linux/Mac OS X environment


A Vim plugin that performs proper commenting of HTML/XML tags.


demonstrates usage of vuex-easy
demonstrates using Svelte components in a Vue app
This can be used to demonstrate the CPU usage issue with the VS Code extension "Vetur".


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A Todo app implemented with Vue and VueX