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API Blueprint

API for interfacing with the poketeambuilder.com database



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Self-destructing task list project



Web scraper written in Go for getting all books from ehonnavi.net
Me working through gophercises.com
Admin app for orchestrating tasks amongst the inputsenpai family of apps


A short one-page site about email design best practices
A robot powered training repository :robot:


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If you build software, keep a changelog.


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Everything related to my own learning goes here (tutorial projects, tests, playing around with code, etc.)
Redesign of my main website: njosefbeck.com
Scraper for roz.gnjoy.com
Design for a Japanese stories site
Website build for teamqueercode.com
Website for film West Bank Story


Gatsby source plugin for building websites using Stripe as a data source
A proof of concept e-commerce store leveraging Contentful, GatsbyJS, Stripe, and serverless via clay.run
[DEPRECATED] A Gatsby.js plugin that includes stripe.js in every page of your Gatsby site
A simple GatsbyJS plugin that adds Stripe's checkout.js to site
[BEEN REPLACED - SEE README] A Gatsby plugin that adds stripe.js to every page of a Gatsby site
A proof of concept using the new version of Stripe as well as my gatsby-stripe plugins
[REPLACED - SEE README] Gatsby source plugin for pulling in products data from Stripe
React app that aggregates all the social media accounts for Terrace House cast and panel
Gatsby plugin that adds Square's Payment Form JS file to every page of your site
A React app for tracking how much of the Sailor Moon anime and movies I've watched


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Web app created during my Bloc mentorship
Website for photographer Dave Rocco
Redesign of the Desert Jewels website
GatsbyJS app used to keep track of reading progress through ehonnavi.net Japanese children's books


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Node-backed command line tool for front-end development tasks


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⚛️📄🚀 Blazing fast static site generator for React


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Code for a short gulp workshop


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Dispensing shade on each page refresh


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Janet Bot
Janet Bot
jquery fancybox plugin
Pep, a lightweight plugin for kinetic drag on mobile/desktop
Playing around with ES Modules
Personal portfolio website built using GatsbyJS


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Gatsby site for simplejapanesestories.com
Where I house and work with all the sprites for poketeambuilder.com
Website for steppingstonecounseling.org


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Express app to keep server-side repos in sync with my GitHub repos
Messing around with the TimeFrames API
A Discord.js bot for the iRO guild WildOn


Site redesign project
WordPress theme for Red Hook Lobster Pound D.C.


Learn Enough Ruby on Rails: Hello World App
Learn Enough Ruby on Rails: Practice App 2
Learn Enough Ruby on Rails: Sample App
Part of the Learn Enough Ruby tutorial