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This repository contains the source code for my long running blog, circa 2005.
Source code for my art site running on Hugo, like all good sites should.
A simple Docker setup to serve the latest version of (you can substitute your own site, see the 'Build your own' section below) in NGINX as a static website generated from source by Jekyll. Docker will expose port 80 to localhost port 8080 so you can view it in a browser. This could easily be deployed to a server and shared publicly.
Code that'll help you kickstart a personal website that showcases your work as a software developer., because if you haven't seen it, it's new to you.


A set of ebay listing templates in bootstrap

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If you don't know I'm not going to tell you.
A static one page website that includes canned recruiter replies to make your life easier.
Monitoring demo using the TICK stack and Grafana on Docker.
The code for my personal homepage,, built with Hugo.
A memorial site for Hackers and Infosec people who have passed



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A script that uses nmap to sweep a subnet looking for ports with SSL certs, then querying those certs to discover upcoming expiration dates.


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WarBerryPi - Tactical Exploitation



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i wwebsite as on the internet



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BYOB (Build Your Own Botnet)


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randota = randomize twitter avatar = randomize a user's Twitter avatar from the commandline
Download Spotify playlists with albumart and meta-tags


A Chef cookbook for htop



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lipsync sets up a lightweight service that provides command-line, Dropbox like syncing


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Use hashcat to crack WPA2 PSK (Pre-Shared Key) passwords!
Consolidating common, repeatable, secure nginx configs in a globals directory to standardize and simplify the locking down of nginx based webservers.
A script using Docker to quickly bring up some honeypots exposing 16 services. For research, reconnaissance, and fun. (DISCLAIMER may not be fun, not to be taken internally, aim away from face)
Discoveries focused on running Linux, and other open source operating systems, on the Lenovo ThinkPad x220.


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Create stacks (aka stax) on AWS (Amazon Web Services) in a private VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) with failover NAT nodes proxying network traffic to elastic CoreOS clusters running Docker.
A Bash script that creates a random CloudApp short URL (ie, checks that URL and if it finds content it, downloads it. Rinses, and repeats.


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My configs, dotfile, and some handy-dandy one liners. Auto distributed via philcryer/basejump


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My dotfiles for profile bash, zsh, git, vim, etc. now distributed via philcryer/basejump
This script downloads, installs and configures the latest version of the djatoka, the open source image server with support for jpeg2000.


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A script to automate the retrieving of public data in JSON using Facebook's Graph API and deposing them into CouchDB


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checks the availability of websites and APIs, providing notification alerts via OSD (Notify OSD, growl) and voice (eSpeak, say). For Linux and Mac OS X
Scripts to download, query and test files at Internet Archive, and then check those files into Fedora-commons digital repository.


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Basejump helps automate the setup of apps, dotfiles, configs, and one-liners in Linux/macOS. It could help you too! (DISCLAIMER it might not)


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privacy and anonymity for everyone


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Automation for the People
A tool to talk to the Cronitor ( API.
@holman does dotfiles


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ramlog like for systemd on debian 8 jessie (Put log into a ram folder)


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A simple, minimized Docker image of (, which is an open source, lightweight, fast and scalable API Gateway.
Block bad, possibly even malicious web crawlers (automated bots) using Nginx
A base bash script with built-in 'best practices' I've learned over the years; use it as a framework to build your own scripts.


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a working prototype



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