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An event-driven circuit simulator, written in C++ and designed to print to terminal output.


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Scriptable Headless WebKit


Personal website and blog
:globe_with_meridians: The Babel documentation website
Debate microblogging service
A css theme for /r/codersforsanders
Tables that work responsively on small devices.
A css theme for /r/twentyonepilots
Ghost Theme for my blog,


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Your app is a unique snowflake. Isn't it time for a framework that treats it like one?


Use Rails 5 ActionCable channels with React for realtime magic.
Fork of ActionCable client patched for proper module support
A highly opinionated starter kit for a standalone React frontend.
Toy version of Minecraft written in three.js for SIU CS485 Computer Graphics, Spring 2015.
Example client application for action-cable-react - with 100% more CoffeeScript
Port of Rails 5 ActionCable client
Simple demonstration of CSS modules
Free, simple embeddable Instagram widget.
Turbolinks makes following links in your web application faster (use with Rails Asset Pipeline)
Wedding website
Sample todo-list app to demonstrate Meteor/CoffeeScript stack.



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A basic social media application to demonstrate Elixir + Phoenix + GraphQL + React + Apollo


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The GraphQL toolkit for Elixir
2018 Advent of Code, in Elixir


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Some Elixir support


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Productive. Reliable. Fast.


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Elixir Zendesk API Client


A two-four binary tree data structure implemented in Java


Webpack plugin to generate a sitemap.
A React component for converting URLs in a given string of text into clicking link tags.
react-maskedinput form element that works with react-bootstrap
Transpile ES6 imports in CoffeeScript files.
Handle Relay.QL fragments in CoffeeScript.
Old-school console theme for Nginx fancyindex.
Examples of various approaches and libraries for testing React applications. Written for a July 2019 talk at the Cleveland React meetup.
Example client application for action-cable-react
Webpack loader to transpile ES6 imports in CoffeeScript files
Reproduction example for using lerna + rollup -w
Webpack plugin that creates a map of assets to public url slug for server agnostic usage.
A datepicker for @twitter bootstrap forked from Stefan Petre's (of, improvements by @eternicode
A two-way set associative memory cache simulator, written in JavaScript.
Test utils to simplify testing of containers in redux with enzyme.


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Expose Loader


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Flux architecture tools for React
Gatsby plugin to load events from


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Just a blogging platform
gridster.js is a jQuery plugin that makes building intuitive draggable layouts from elements spanning multiple columns
jQuery File Download is a cross server platform compatible jQuery plugin that allows for an Ajax-like file download experience that isn’t normally possible using the web.
Wrapper for asynchronously used Google Maps API in browser.


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a jquery file tree plugin
Personal blog by Dan Abramov.
Modified Discourse poll plugin


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NodeJS port of Kang Seonghoon's qr.js
React higher order component that provides fullscreen API to the enhanced component
JSON viewer for react
A top-level declarative React keybinding component, usable with ES6, no mixin or weird stuff
Find and highlight words within a larger body of text 🖍


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Connect react-router to alt so you can have routes in flux


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The website


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A completely customizable framework for building rich text editors.
A JavaScript, Webpack-enabled Rails Sprockets port.
Demo reproduction of Storybook error
style loader module for webpack
Website for The Ventriloquist
Webpack plugin to upload source maps to Sentry
multiselect plugin for zurb foundation 5



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The Expo platform for making cross-platform mobile apps



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Execute Capistrano deployments and tasks for Rails projects within Sublime Text.
Default channel file for Package Control. Follow the directions at:


Git Reports is a free service that lets you set up a stable URL for anonymous users to submit bugs and other Issues to your GitHub repositories.


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A gem to evaluate mathematical equations. is a centralized repository for parliamentary, policy, and Lincoln-Douglas debate videos.
A Reddit bot to make scheduled subreddit posts, implemented in Ruby.
Fluxxor is a set of Flux architecture tools for React. This gem makes it available for the Rails asset pipeline.
Rails blog application to show example code for my series on writing tests in rspec
Example server application for action-cable-react


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Arbor is for recursive team organization.


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A static analysis security vulnerability scanner for Ruby on Rails applications
Chef cookbook to install the Multicorn Postgres extension
Cleveland Ruby Brigade website


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A HTML-to-Textile parser


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math and logic formula parser and evaluator
A mountable, configurable Rails engine to notify you only of new or important exceptions in your application.
Preload factories (Factory Girl) just like fixtures. It will be easy and, probably, faster!
Ruby on Rails gem for displaying popup balloons to show "getting stated" tips.
A CLI workflow for the administration of Mac applications distributed as binaries
Casks of drivers
Converter from HTML to Confluence Wiki Markup
The Moment.js JavaScript library ready to play with the Rails Asset Pipeline


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Ruby on Rails
Starter Rails app
Sprockets preprocessor for CJSX (Coffeescript with React JSX markup)
Integrate webpack with your Ruby on Rails application