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platform layer for node.js


Test which image format uses which IO and which image format it supports


Parse GAMS files and return objective functions and other problem information


Fast "anonymous functions" for Julia
Documentation for Plots.jl


Virtual DOM for Julia


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RISE: "Live" Reveal.js Jupyter/IPython Slideshow Extension


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Beautiful static documentation for your API



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Automatically update function definitions in a running Julia session
Progress meter for long-running computations


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An expression-level debugger for Julia with a provocative command-line (REPL) user interface
Visualization of Julia profiling data
Making packages work faster with more extensive precompilation


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Interpolation and related operations on grids
It's editing-time, do you know where your methods are?


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Utilities for calling C++ from Julia
Global optimization without derivatives
Julia package for selecting hardware, libraries, and algorithms for a computation
Computational geometry with affine transformations
Fast multidimensional algorithms


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Profilers for Julia
Positive-definite "approximations" to matrices
Analysis of profiling data using trees
Utilities to analyze Julia's method tables
Support for the Woodbury matrix identity for Julia
Testing new ideas for array iteration
Simple utilities for debugging julia code
Global optimization without derivatives


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Proof of concept VTK bindings for the Julia language
Convenience wrapper for image registration using the Advanced Normalization Tools
Efficient filtering and linear algebra routines for multidimensional arrays
Accurate and efficient full-degree multidimensional polynomial interpolation
Custom interactive REPL prompts that convey status
Fast kernel/stencil operations in Julia


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Faster Rational-like types for Julia
Use shared libraries created by Halide from Julia
Performant arrays where each axis can be named
Analysis of source callgraphs for julia
Write flame graphs to SVG format and explore them interactively in Jupyter notebooks
Efficient multigrid operators for Julia


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Infrastructure for handling physical units for the Julia programming language
Generic array-view type with APL indexing semantics
Useful tools for working with hexagonal grids


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Graphics layout management for Julia


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Load mass spectrometry mzXML files


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Basic color manipulation utilities.
Interactive utilities for the Gtk toolkit (Julia)
T-tests, Wilcoxon rank sum (Mann-Whitney U), signed rank, and circular statistics in Julia
Read .imagine files in Julia


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HDF5-compatible file format in pure Julia


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The Julia Language: a fresh approach to technical computing.


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Local regression, so smooooth!
Save the result of macro-expanded functions to Julia files
Pure-julia quadratically-constrained quadratic programming solvers
Symbolic linear programming and linear constraints
An archival version of ZMQ.jl for julia_matlab
Abstract julia interfaces for working with trees
Accessing and analyzing data from the Allen Brain Atlas
Julia wrapper for the ArrayFire library
Re-write of ASTInterpreter for julia 0.6+
Gallium's AST interpreter as a separate package to simplify development
Interfaces, types, and functions for astro* packages


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Julia Client for Atom
Performant arrays where each dimension can have a named axis with values
Tool for building binary dependencies for Julia modules
Julia interface for the Blossom V perfect matching algorithm
Pseudoinverse from a Bunch-Kaufman factorization


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Bindings to the Cairo graphics library.
Cairo backend for Makie
Calculus functions in Julia
Registry of gain conversions for scientific cameras
Arrays for working with categorical data (both nominal and ordinal) in Julia


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Julia access to the libclang interface of the LLVM Clang compiler.
A Julia package for data clustering
A Julia library for generating color brewer color schemes.
Color primitives for Julia, based on FixedSizeArrays


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Declarative vector graphics
Build types in Julia where some fields have computed types
A fresh approach to coordinate transformations...
Take Julia test coverage results and bundle them up in JSONs


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32-bit cyclic redundancy check (CRC-32) checksum implementation for Julia


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Julia's CUTEst Interface


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The Julia C++ Interface
Data structures that allow missing values
library for working with tabular data in Julia
Julia implementation of Data structures


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Prototype interactive debugger for Julia
Methods for dimensionality reduction
A Julia package for evaluating distances(metrics) between vectors.
A Julia package for probability distributions and associated functions.


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Julia package documentation system.
A documentation generator for Julia.
Extended precision arithmetic for Julia
Julia package for representing dual numbers and for performing dual algebra


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Testing repo


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Julia Package for parsing the DWARF file format
Julia wrapper around C implementation of the Earth Mover's Distance
Under development


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Julia Package for working with ELF files


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Composable Web UIs in pure Julia
Utilities for working with the Julia `Expr` type
Dictionary like, Record like, Trait like composed types with mostly static typing
Julia's generic FixedSizeArray implementation. Can be used for all kinds of Vector constructs
Julia package for performing forward mode automatic differentiation


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Crafty statistical graphics for Julia.
The Julia debugger


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The official registry of general Julia packages


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Plotting for Julia with OpenGL
Visualization library written in Julia and OpenGL
Create a window with an OpenGL context


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Working with graphs in Julia
Port of Interact.jl functionality with Gtk


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Julia interface to Gtk windowing toolkit.
Matrix factorizations over the hemireals
Implementation of hemireal arithmetic for Julia
translation to Julia codes from the book Numerical Solution of Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations by Prof. John A. Trangenstein
Julia implementation of HyperDualNumbers


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Julia interface to the Ipopt nonlinear solver
Implement Arnoldi and Lanczos methods for svds and eigs
Common functional iterator patterns.


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JSON parsing and printing
A rewrite of Julia's parser in Julia


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Modeling language for Mathematical Programming (linear, mixed-integer, conic, nonlinear)
Documentation for the Juno IDE


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I was gonna maintain this package, but then I got high


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LIBSVM bindings for Julia
An optimized graphs package for Julia
Wrap headers for julia's linear algebra dependencies


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A fairly basic lint tool for Julia code
A man has written a package. A package has no name.


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High level plotting on the GPU
Solver-independent functions (i.e. linprog and mixintprog) and low-level interface for Mathematical Programming
Metadata for registered Julia packages.
Functionality to analyze the structure of Julia's METADATA repository


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Sinatra-like micro framework for web programming in Julia
A Julia package for multivariate statistics and data analysis (e.g. dimension reduction)
Munkres algorithm for the optimal assignment problem
Julia type that implements a drop-in replacement of Array with named dimensions


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Julia module for reading/writing NIfTI MRI files
Julia solvers for systems of nonlinear equations


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A Julia package for non-negative matrix factorization
Syntax highlighting and other enhancements for the Julia REPL


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The OpenCV (C++) interface for Julia


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Optimization functions for Julia
Julia implementation of associative containers that preserve insertion order
A tool to evaluate the quality of a Julia packages
The ParallelAccelerator package, part of the High Performance Scripting project at Intel Labs
Efficiently solving parameterized families of optimization problems in Julia
Perceptually Uniform Colour Maps for Julia


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Julia Package Development Kit
A Julia REPL utility for package discovery
Julia wrapper/API for plotly.js


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Powerful convenience for Julia visualizations and data analysis
A multi-scale image pyramid representation library for Julia.


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julia interface for accessing Qt via PyCall and PySide
A quaternions library for Julia
A Julia module with quaternion and dual-quaternion functionality


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Array-like objects with compact storage for the Julia language
Reactive programming primitives for Julia
Julia macro for re-exporting one module from another
Julia package registration bot
Julia implementations for different rotation parameterisations
Nicely format an array of n things for tables and plots
Simple Traits: Traits.jl without all the bells and whistles
Simple weighted graphs. Requires LightGraphs.jl.
Efficient unit-checked computation
Memory-efficient spatial filtering of image time slices
Statically sized arrays for Julia 0.5
Static AOT Julia compilation, demos and instructions
Basic statistics for Julia
Swiss Army Knife for encoding and decoding binary streams
Regression Testing for Terminal UIs
Who needs a GUI if you have a terminal?


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Julia interface to Tk windowing toolkit.
An early prototype of a traits system for Julia


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A testbed for an API to access Tuple parameters
A TypeChecker for Julia
Online estimate of the median by variational/Bayesian methods


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Terminal Emulation for terminal UI verification
2D plotting for Julia
Read/Write ZIP archives in Julia


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zlib bindings for Julia

Jupyter Notebook

A Jupyter notebook giving an overview of the Julia programming language



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Matlab interface for calling Julia



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Repository demonstrating a bug in ANTs