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Mapping bicycle and pedestrian crashes.
Mapping bicycle and pedestrian crashes.



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A command line utility for parsing and researching withing St. Louis City lead test result CSVs.


Mixpanel plugin for Angulartics
New OpenDataSTL website


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OSDI Specification


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Making Inline Audio Easy and Seamless



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GeoGig project


ViralHeat module for Node.js
You work in politics (or advertising). You're always passing around CRM-ish CSVs. This library is for you.


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A navigation module for Expression Engine.


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A node module for accessing the Viralheat service.
Encode/decode color palettes in Adobe's .ase format


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A node module for accessing the MsgMe service.
A Twilio helper library for node
URL Shortener using NodeJS and Redis or MongoDB.


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Civil Services API - Available for Non Commercial Use


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Text to bike index
Current Cityworks API training samples for the JavaScript SDK.
Quality Assurance Tools for Cityworks Server
Quick API for translating coordinates from {coordinate plane} to {coordinate plane}
Desktop interface (geogig) for spatial information versioning


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Mapping and location plugin for WordPress
Slightly tuned Version of https://www.npmjs.org/package/ghost-s3 to allow Ghost Blog store it's media at Amazon S3.
Google Sheets API Wrapper
How's Business? A look at the Chicago economy, based on open data


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MapLoom is a web mapping client based on OpenLayers 3. It provides full-featured editing capabilities for data stores in GeoServer - including PostGIS and GeoGig. For GeoGig layers, it lets you view history, and sync with other GeoGig repositories


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A command line tool for exporting Mixpanel profile data


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Server-side Google Closure with Node.js
Simple PHP Proxy: Get external HTML, JSON and more!


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Promise-based Node.js URL Shortener backed by Mongoose.js
Node.js library for the Stripe API.



This repository supports the continued development of the long moribund Incutio PHP HTTP Client Class. (Though this one is now fairly moribund, as well.)
The HTML5 Boilerplate adapted into a WordPress template, including Bruce Lawson's HTML5 blog markup. This is walker trying to take Steve Heffernan's work further.
A component for cakePHP allowing for use of the available POST methods from the Campaign Monitor API.
A Vimeo API component for CakePHP
A datasource that lets you use FileMaker as your (read-only) DB for your cakePHP application.


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Formerly Resumator
A Bing Search datasource for cakePHP.
examples of integrating with braintree using php


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The ultra-lightweight ultra-flexible blogging engine with a fetish for birds and misspellings.
A project to gather, analyze and visualized the data in Crunchbase


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LRA Maps (currently for St. Louis, MO)
A CakePHP 1.3 component used for sending email via the Postmark delivery service
RandomString Plugin for cakephp. It generates random string.
Imports Blogger & Textpattern blogs to Tumblr.


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This is a cakePHP plugin for utilizing the Twilio API. Right now, the REST portion is incomplete and it has only been tested with Twilio voice services.
A plugin for Textpattern that analyzes submitted comments using Defensio.


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A flash embed plugin for Textpattern
A plugin for rating articles within a Textpattern-powered site.


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A "magazine photo" layout plugin for Textpattern.


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This is a Textpattern plugin that enables pubsubhubbub support for built-in feeds.
A Textpattern plugin for voting articles up/down & then displaying top/bottom articles.


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A plugin to enable more configurable quicktime embedding in Textpattern
A plugin for Textpattern that enables RSSCloud notifications.
A plugin to automatically integrate "Sphere" embedded widget & search in your Textpattern-powered site.
PHP library for Blue State Digital's API


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CakePHP: The Rapid Development Framework for PHP - Official Repository
A Twitter library in PHP.
WordPress plugin that creates a configurable widget that displays your most recent comments from Disqus. Download from here if you want the latest and greatest or from below if you want the latest stable.
A plugin that inserts dynamic updates for your GitHub repositories.


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OpenVBX is a web-based open source phone system for business.
Darksky modules for Prestashop
A CakePHP Component to use a remember me type function with Auth


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A PHP micro framework inspired by Sinatra
Slim Framework skeleton application


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Sprockets for php.


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CakePHP Plugins, Behaviors, and other goodies!
A flexible, elegant and easy-to-use content management system. Textpattern is both free and open source.
Textpattern plugin cxc_templates - adopted for compatibility with Textpattern 4.5.0
Composer package for VinceG's USPS-php-api library
Ustream for WordPress is a plugin that enables an easy way to embed UStream videos on your blog.
Twitter's bootstrap in wordpress theme form - Updated for v2.0 of bootstrap.
A Wordpress plugin that allows you to embed stuff with shortcodes. The goal is to support as many embeddable media sites as possible.
WordPress.org Plugin Mirror
The MailChimp WordPress plugin allows you to quickly and easily add a signup form for your MailChimp list.



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Sending electronic written messages to members of Congress by reverse engineering their contact forms.


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geonode-exchange is a django project built on GeoNode.


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GeoNode is an open source platform that facilitates the creation, sharing, and collaborative use of geospatial data.
source for the Open States scrapers
DuckDuckGo instant answer plugins based on full-text data



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Missouri State Auditor TIF reporting web scraper


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R Package for Processing City of St. Louis Citizens Service Bureau Data
Missouri State TIF web scraper



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Tools for working with phone numbers in the e164 format.
A natural language parser for validating complex date ranges


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A Rails engine that provides an endpoint for Sendgrid and sends the email to a specified class for processing
🍻 Default formulae for the missing package manager for macOS
Keg for GIS recipes for homebrew.