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The boilerplate used by Madness Labs to build Ionic apps.
A feedback component for use in Madness Labs projects
The V6 concept for Animadness
A set of Firebase web components by Madness Labs
A locally stored password manager
Missouri Workforce Development Hackathon 2017
A list of components to use to interact with TrackMyGiving


The first version of AMVmadness


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An Open Source Notification System


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The website for the Nerd Herd Band


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A simple gulp build process.


The Enjin is an application development assistant to make cross platform coding simpler and more fun. The enjin is meant to be completely opt-in, not required but will make your life easier.
A tournament bracket app
The management system for your smarter home
A Fitbit watch face with tutorial by Madness Labs
A tool to help first responders find people lost in a disaster situation
The build system for MadnessIonic boilerplate.
A comprehensive build system for Ionic 1 apps by Madness Labs as part of the Madness Enjin


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The local interface for the Madness Enjin CLI
Gulp plugin for Jadelint
Ionic gallery directive
Ionic directive for a location dropdown that utilizes google maps


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A starter template with bare bone basics for compiling SASS / JS
This is a basic boilerplate used by the pros at Madness Labs to make first class web apps.
A chef's companion app


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A Pokemon Go companion app to extend the social aspects of the game with chat and guides
The new PWA for Madness Labs
A roulette style remedial decision maker
An app to scavenge treasures in your area
A Valtentine's Day quest game by Madness Labs


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UI component dev & test: React, React Native, Vue, Angular, Ember & more!


A WordPress theme build with StencilJS Web Components
This is a demo for testing purposes
A boilerplate angular application based on our Madness App repo, but with a custom wrapped WordPress Blog that shares header and footer.
The Backend API and Blog for
A simple PHP GitHub API client, Object Oriented, tested and documented. For 5.3+.


A set of components to help the app building process
The new website / PWA for Madness Labs


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A set of tools for speeding up production of full-stack Firebase projects.
A backend stack that bring together the best of TypeScript, GraphQL, and Firebase.
This is a madness cast component
A firebase stencil app deployed with CircleCI
A component maker in the browser
A strategy game by Madness Labs
A money management app by Madness Labs
A secret project
Let's binge anime ^_^
The new PWA for
A plugin for apidoc that injects params from TypeScript interfaces.
A audio player component with circle progress indicator, hopefully for future use at
A set of tools to make dealing with firebase and ionic auth easier.
The App for
An app to help learn simple math so you can see what you're good at and not so good at.
A test game made with PhaserJS
A repo full of mini games
The new website for Madness Labs
An NFC app by Madness Labs