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Sauce Labs orientation overview with Polymer and Selenium code examples


All of the elements required to implement a stepper controlled series of forms that support lazy-loading steps upon activation as well as validation and bulk submission tasks.
An element for validating a password matches all requirements before updating.
A group of elements to support intercepting ajax requests for injecting headers or handling responses globally.
A behavior for downloading streamed files or creating files based on available data.
Extends a textarea that can be controlled by UI elements for inserting markdown
HTML Imports for CodeMirror
A flat data-structure based tree-view, designed for render efficiency
Moment.js HTML Imports
Application containing detailed introductions to various concepts for dev on-boarding.
A Polymer 1.x wrapper for SweetAlert2
Polymer behavior providing hooks into element state that are very helpful (i.e, element.isVisible)
Masonry-like layout with no gaps
Paper style ckeditor input
FileSaver.js HTML Import
Textarea that grows in height as more lines of input are entered
Pulls in the Polymer.LazyImportsBehavior and listens for an event to tell an instance of this behavior to attempt to import a lazy-group within the provided domain, if it is found then it will stop the event propagation. Listens for events on the use-capture event cycle.
Handles the permission checking based on desired requirements
WYSIWYG Editor written on Polymer 2
A Polymer element for formatting and manipulating numbers using Numeral.js.
A photo gallery element based on Polymer
The Web Component for displaying a list of items with filtering. Part of the Vaadin components.
The Web Component for uploading multiple files with progress indication. Part of the Vaadin components.


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A what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor created with Polymer



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Chameleon Web Components - A collection of lightweight, unidirectional, framework-agnostic elements based on the Chameleon Design System
Maritz's Browserlist Config
POC to explore mapping avro objects to and from graphql
Modern utility libray for easily testing web apps and components
Font Awesome as a Web Component


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Element for a virtual, "infinite" list


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Beautiful static documentation for your API
A TestCraft tc-cli wrapper for aggregating retryable test runs, writing importable data files, and executing TestCraft against localhost
Code references for learning xstate



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POC for extraction into koa ms generation template