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A repo where we are doing some Flutter experimentation, a summer intern project.



AngularJS 1.6.2 example of data loading via Promises vs RxJS



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Next Generation Event Store - An event store implemented as an embeddable Java library. Event persistence in PostgreSQL, JGroups multicast hinting for immediate (and still strictly ordered) event delivery. An audacious name for a modest library.
Sample web application for human versus human tic-tac-toe - example demonstrating Next Generation Event Store
Gradle plugin for Classycle dependency analyzer


System bundle of RxJS 5, for easy plunker and other use of RxJS via SystemJS with one request.
Use the Node.js resolution algorithm with Rollup, with new "es2015" support for Angular.
Aurelia and JSPM example - no Gulp or other tools needed
Get a full fake REST API with zero coding in less than 30 seconds (seriously)
A simple development http server with live reload capability. Fork to have in-progress no-css-inject option available in our Angular classes.
A `rm -rf` util for Node.js, repackaged as a single-file script.
Example of converting a real JavaScript build process to Bazel


Software to convert old FlashFiler databases to MS SQL Server or PostgreSQL


Bazel examples for "Bazel Boot Camp" session at Bazelcon 2019
Examples of Bazel use


RxJS, repackaged to consume with Google Closure Compiler - EXPERIMENTAL


Scalable / Large Angular application structure example
Angular-material search-select widget with observable option list
Early Angular 2 / Firebase adapter. Now obsolete, since the official angularfire2 is ready for prime time.
Angular 4 AOT Example with es2015 ESM, Rollup, Buble, Uglify
Example using TypeScript to create a Google Cloud Function
Generate an Angular application with N modules and M components
Small demo of Angular2, Firebase weather data, and Observables
Angular build process example - just AOT (tsc) and Closure Compiler.
Example application demonstrating effective data flow for streaming data in a Angular 2 application. SSE behind the scenes to push data from a server. There is a series of live coding videos showing this code under development. Use the website link to get there.
Example SSE server in Node and TypeScript. There is an accompanying repository with client-side Angular code that uses the server. See the website link for a series of live coding videos developing that code (and using this example server).
A simple example of building two servers and one Angular app with Bazel. WIP.
repo that tries to reproduce angular/angular#10618
Angular2 ScrollSpy Service
TypeScript loader for SystemJS, with Angular template path correction