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Ian Froeb's STL 100 (2015 edition)


Play interactive quizzes on


The P-D's fork of NPR's app template
Post-Dispatch fork of Quartz's ChartBuilder
A responsive charting application
This project allows readers to create their own vision of a new St. Louis region.


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Allows folks to create interactive quizzes for
Responsive IFrames
Forecast river levels along Mississippi, Missouri and other area rivers.


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The official data and interactive graphics workflow documentation for the Post-Dispatch for use with Hologram schema

Jupyter Notebook


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This repo has data and code for the May 4 (online) and May 5, 2019 (print) St. Louis Post-Dispatch story "With fewer park employees than there are parks in St. Louis, corners get cut".
This repo has data and code for the Aug. 7 (online and print) St. Louis Post-Dispatch story "Racial disparities in income and poverty remain stark, and in some cases, are getting worse".


An open source data visualization platform helping everyone to create simple, correct and embeddable charts in minutes.


API for tracking the votes of St. Louis city aldermen
Python parser for the Archie Markup Language (ArchieML)
Python client library for working with CRP's public API on
Converts our oldest Flash quiz format to my newer HTML/JS/CSS format.