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Pool money with friends to encourage successful completion of a recurring pact


Automation for building and configuring our servers


Website for BoochTek, LLC
A simple set of CSS to start projects with; NOT a framework; NO JavaScript
Web site to help people find locally-owned restaurants in Ferguson, MO



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Effortless video-voice chat with realtime collaborative features. Extensible using react components 🙌
Programming Languages I've Been Meaning To Try But Haven't Gotten Around To Yet


Templates for DokuWiki


Knock-off of the Mac OS X `defaults` program, but able to manipulate nested dicts


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command line tool for managing dock items
Fork of Ansible's osx_defaults module


Implementation of the repository pattern for ActiveRecord, splitting domain model and persistence classes
Use Virtus to define ActiveRecord model attributes.
Minimalist ORM (object-relational mapper) for Ruby, using the Data Mapper pattern.
Rails template, including quite a few gems, plugins, and best practices.
Use Virtus to define attributes for models mapped with Perpetuity
Specify attributes in ActiveRecord models, and generate migrations when the model code changes.


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Brilliant programming language (inspired by Ruby and Crystal)
Experimenting with Rails and Hexagonal Architecture
Number with an error range, for example 10.12 +/- 0.02
Provisional is a tool to manage and provision server images.
Standard CRUD actions for Rails controllers, similar to scaffolding.
EasyFollow - make it easy to follow someone on multiple social networks
Build ActiveRecord models via module inclusion instead of class inheritance.


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Declare list views in a manner similar to SimpleForm, ShowFor, and Formtastic
In-memory adapter for Perpetuity
Base Rails application, including several common plugins and other additions; a repository of (some) Rails "best practices"
If Rails cannot find your view file, have it check a default view directory.


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Smaller! - code for Agile Alliance Technical Conference 2017 workshop


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Acceptance test framework for web applications


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DynamicDB is an app meant to replace Microsoft Access for many users.
Workshop on exploring and troubleshooting the HTTP protocol
Persistence gem for Ruby objects using the Data Mapper pattern


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Technologies and techniques that are on our radar for potential use in the future
Randomly generate data, to use with property-based tests
Experimenting with changes to Ruby (core library and possible syntax)
Define ROM (Ruby Object Mapper) model attributes with Virtus



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Scripted installation and configuration of Mac OS X apps and preferences


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Tools to make GNU/Linux system administration easier
Higher order functions for Bash, a la Lisp