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An AngularJS example for using Bullhorn's REST API
An example app using the bullhornjs library


An Icon Font created by Bullhorn
[DEPRECATED] Moved into https://github.com/bullhorn/novo-elements


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:ok_hand: Drag and drop so simple it hurts
Bullhorn Career Portal starter repository with sitemap!
Icon font for Bullhorn Connexys



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A Bullhorn Platform SDK library. Intelligently access the Bullhorn REST API and Staffing Object Model in your Java-based application.
A Bullhorn Platform SDK library. Quickly build Java-based applications, services and CRM extensions that consume the Bullhorn REST API.
An extension to the Amazon SQS client that enables sending and receiving messages up to 2GB via Amazon S3.
A Bullhorn Platform SDK tool. Quickly import CSV data into your Bullhorn CRM.


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Kafka UI and Monitoring Tool



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javascript library to use the Bullhorn's REST APIs
Bullhorn (OAuth) authentication strategy for Passport
eslint config for Bullhorn projects
middleware that compiles JS and CSS on the fly within your express application
Middleware Services for BULLHORNĀ® Form Triggers
Compiler implementations for express-compile
CLI for Bullhorn and Bullhorn Extensions
Parsing Library for Galaxy
Documentation for the Bullhorn REST API
Generate massive amounts of realistic fake CSV data for testing



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A Bullhorn Platform SDK tool. Automatically generate a PHP REST API from a database schema.


A sample Python Web application that demonstrates a very simple usage of the Bullhorn REST API
Sample that shows how to obtain a Bullhorn OAuth access token without having a browser and user in the loop.



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A Bullhorn Platform SDK app that allows candidates to search for and apply to jobs.
UI Repository for Bullhorn's Novo Theme


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[DEPRECATED] Moved into NovoElements (https://github.com/bullhorn/novo-elements)


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Typescript client for the Bullhorn REST API
Extension samples for the Bullhorn ATS using Novo Elements
Tool used for tracking Bullhorn's Protractor and TestNG automation results
Entity Utils and Typescript Interfaces for the Bullhorn REST Api
Starter repository for writing extensions for Bullhorn 2017


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Connector for intercommunication between bullhorn apps
A sample extenstion to add shift and availability to Bullhorn 2017 using extension starter


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A CLI to help manage localization files
Desktop App for quickly importing CSV data into your Bullhorn CRM
Sample BOT configurations
Simple test doubles for Ionic 2+ using Jasmine Spy Objects