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An application that pulls in Open States data and combines with editorial expertise to create a live view into a state legislature session.


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Code running St. Louis Public Radio's stadium districts piece.


An archive of graphics and data-visualizations on
Static site boundary service
table of St. Louis-born olympians
Boots in St. Louis, Oct. 2012 through April 2014
2015 Summer Concerts list
The NPR visuals team's opinionated project template for client-side apps.


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Turn audio into a shareable video.


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NPR Visuals' rig for deploying daily graphics projects in responsive iframes.
NPR's daily graphics rig, 2.0
Graphic templates for the dailygraphics-next rig
A Grunt template for starting news apps
At it again.


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Image tools for social media sharing
Image tools for social media sharing
Rig for deploying DocumentCloud viewers to S3.
Tool for generating map images from Mapbox tiles


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A jQuery plugin for creating pretty, dynamic quizzes.
Grocery stores in St. Louis
Map of Nike missile bases near St. Louis


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Prototyping a watermarker for tweeting photos for NPR
A jQuery plugin for creating pretty, dynamic quizzes.

Jupyter Notebook

A jupyter notebook showing analysis of crime and temperatures for