120 PowerShell users in St. Louis

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Brian Dukes has 61 from PowerShell repos:
Dustin L. Howett has 38 from PowerShell repos:
  • DirColors (36 ) DirColors is a Powershell implementation of GNU coreutils' dircolors/LS_COLORS support
  • winget-pkgs (2 ) The Microsoft community Windows Package Manager manifest repository
Positronic has 37 from PowerShell repos:
  • PSImaging (35 ) PowerShell module that provides tools for automating document image management tasks.
  • Imaging-Scripts (2 ) (No description)
Alex Power[s] BI has 27 from PowerShell repos:
Mikey Lombardi (He/Him) has 21 from PowerShell repos:
  • PSPrivateGalleryWalkthrough (13 ) A walkthrough of deploying and configuring a PowerShell Private Gallery to Azure via ARM Templates, DSC Configurations, and Visual Studio Team Services Build.
  • New-PSService (6 ) Turn any looping .ps1 script into a Windows Service.
  • chocomatic-packages (1 ) Chocolatey packages, automatically updated.
Kit Menke has 12 from PowerShell repos:
Neil Boehm has 12 from PowerShell repos:
  • DFSr-Health-Reports (6 ) This script runs a health report for DFSr Replication groups then parses them and reports error and warnings.
  • DFSr-FileCounts (3 ) This script uses health reports to count files on both sides of a replication group to insure both sides have the same number of files.
  • DFSr-Backlog (3 ) Checks backlog counts for every DFS replication group.
Ben Vierck has 11 from PowerShell repos:
  • Psh (11 ) PowerShell Scripts
Michael Greene has 9 from PowerShell repos:
  • PesterExample (3 ) PesterExample
  • CloudShell (1 ) Container Image for Azure Cloud Shell (https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/features/cloud-shell/)
  • PowerShell-Docs (1 ) The official PowerShell documentation sources
Josh Buedel has 7 from PowerShell repos:
  • project-commands (4 ) A powershell module that allows you to define the common commands for any development project (build, clean, rebuild, test, etc) and issues them from any folder in the project hierarchy.
  • posh-josh (2 ) Custom powershell module with my own useful commands.
  • dotfiles (1 ) My personal powershell configuration, for each machine.
MaryvilleDev has 7 from PowerShell repos:
Scott Corio has 5 from PowerShell repos:
Nestor Wheelock has 5 from PowerShell repos:
St. Louis PowerShell User Group has 5 from PowerShell repos:
  • stlpsug (5 ) St. Louis PowerShell User Group Main Repository
Brian Marsh has 4 from PowerShell repos:
  • PSYaml (3 ) A Powershell module to convert YAML documents to and from PowerShell objects
  • vmware_coreos (1 ) Deploying CoreOS via PowerShell (with PowerCLI)
  • PS-CMSWrapper (0 ) Credential Wrapper for CMS Message functionality in PowerShell v5
R. Davis has 4 from PowerShell repos:
  • ADM-Service (2 ) (No description)
  • NetScaler-ADC-Config-Pull (2 ) Retrieves the list of managed NetScaler ADC instances and their ns.conf configuration files via ADM API Proxy.
  • CTX277615 (0 ) GUI interface to conduct Get, Delete, Put operations of httpd.conf via ADM API Proxy
Nick Semenkovich has 4 from PowerShell repos:
aRustyDev has 2 from PowerShell repos:
  • SysAdmin-Scripts (2 ) Scripts used for Enterprise Network/Computer Enumeration, Systems Management, & Other LazyAdmin Scripts
Matthew Straub has 2 from PowerShell repos:
  • Windows-Troubleshooting-Collector (1 ) Over the last few years, my brother has been experiencing various computer issues across multiple systems. I developed a PowerShell script to run common health and integrity checks on a Windows PC and output various logs to a centralized folder for easy troubleshooting and diagnostics.
  • Rename-Automation (1 ) This script will inspect a designated directory for files (Movies / TV Shows) that are formatting properly for Synology's Video Station, if any files are found which are NOT formatted properly the script will prompt the user if you'd like to rename them.
Norah (Jo) Vii has 2 from PowerShell repos:
PCF Development Team has 2 from PowerShell repos:
Bradley Herbst has 1 from PowerShell repos:
  • LenelS2-NetBox (1 ) PowerShell Module for Working with the Lenel S2 Netbox API
  • format-tvshows (0 ) Format TV Shows files to [TV Show Name] [Season & Episode Number] [Episode Name]
  • movies-movetranscoded (0 ) Move finished transcoded movies from the transcoded folder to their correct movie folder.
Kumar Challa has 1 from PowerShell repos:
Josh Paydon has 1 from PowerShell repos:
James Dudley has 1 from PowerShell repos:
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