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James Marlowe has 89 from Lua repos:
  • lua-resty-hmac (40 ) Lua driver for making and receiving hmac signed requests
  • lua-resty-s3 (37 ) Lua driver for uploading content to amazon s3
  • lua-resty-github (5 ) Lua library for using the github api in the ngx_lua nginx module
Scott Plunkett has 35 from Lua repos:
  • interact-sound (34 ) A resource providing the ability to play sounds using the FiveM NUI environment.
  • outlawalert (1 ) Detect if player thief a car or if someone use a firegun somewhere.
  • fxrest (0 ) FXServer REST API Client
David Lynch has 26 from Lua repos:
Scott Corio has 19 from Lua repos:
Bryce Mehring has 5 from Lua repos:
  • Hexel (5 ) Retro Tower Defense Game
Dan Cleinmark has 5 from Lua repos:
Matt McCormick has 5 from Lua repos:
NephMakes has 5 from Lua repos:
  • Nephilist-Nameplates (2 ) Simple, effective nameplates for World of Warcraft
  • DownInFront (1 ) Hides UI clutter in World of Warcraft
  • Engraved (1 ) Stylish combat resource display for World of Warcraft
Kyle McCarthy has 4 from Lua repos:
  • nvim-dotfiles (4 ) (No description)
  • onedark.nvim (0 ) One Dark Theme for Neovim >= 0.5.0 written in lua based on Atom's One Dark UI Theme. Additionally, it comes with 5 color variant styles
Brian Donaldson has 2 from Lua repos:
  • Gratwurst (2 ) A delicious automatic congratulations messaging addon for World of Warcraft.
Dave Lee has 2 from Lua repos:
  • Firefall-Addon-XP_Test (2 ) Quick and Dirty UI Addon for Firefall (Beta) that adds a text display of the player's current XP and amount still needed to level
  • Stardust (0 ) A Highly Customized SWGEmu Server
Adam Coffman has 1 from Lua repos:
  • vimfiles (1 ) vimrc and plugin submodules
Bill Franklin has 1 from Lua repos:
  • SFRPG-public (1 ) Starfinder RPG Fantasy Grounds ruleset code
Drew Wetherington has 1 from Lua repos:
Jason Mayer has 1 from Lua repos:
  • corona_hex_map (1 ) I spent a night trying to figure out how to do a corona hex map. I'm still learning lua so I'm definitely open to any suggested ways to make this better.
  • Corona-TicTacToe (0 ) (No description)
  • impromput_game_jam (0 ) I decided to see if I could recreate the first level of joust. Mainly just trying to teach myself how to use corona, and how to write code in lua.
Evan Cobb has 1 from Lua repos:
  • broker-dungeon-difficulty (1 ) A WoW addon to allow easily switching dungeon and raid difficulties from a Broker display addon
  • broker-call-to-arms (0 ) A Data Broker add-on for World of Warcraft that lists which Group Finder activities are offering extra rewards right now
  • broker-loot-spec (0 ) A WoW addon to easily switching your loot spec
Justin Wash has 1 from Lua repos:
Mark Katerberg has 1 from Lua repos:
  • dot-files (1 ) Dot Files for quick setup of new computers
Randy Hancock has 1 from Lua repos:
  • awesome (1 ) awesome window manager configuration
syme robinson has 1 from Lua repos:
Abadi Kurniawan has 0 from Lua repos:
  • LOTM (0 ) Legend of the Monster
Andy Tenholder has 0 from Lua repos:
David Maness has 0 from Lua repos:
  • trues_replay_device_files (0 ) Environment for running TASes on my Super Nintendo console. Most of the hard work was done by true of #tasvideos on IRC
  • nesScripts (0 ) (No description)
Boris Pallares has 0 from Lua repos:
  • MarI-O (0 ) Github clone of MarI/O by SethBling
  • MobileLua (0 ) (No description)
Liu Chen has 0 from Lua repos:
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