110 Kotlin users in St. Louis

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Mitchell Skaggs has 74 from Kotlin repos:
Ben Oberkfell has 41 from Kotlin repos:
Mark Heckler has 28 from Kotlin repos:
  • drinking-from-the-stream-kotlin (7 ) Spring Cloud Stream (Kotlin) projects to accompany my session titled Drinking from the Stream
  • game-of-streams-kotlin (4 ) Meta repository to accompany my session "Game of Streams: How to tame & get the most from your messaging platforms" (Kotlin edition!)
  • brp-source-kotlin (3 ) Building reactive pipelines with Kotlin! (Source repo)
Emmett Wilson has 12 from Kotlin repos:
  • AppTerminator (12 ) An app designed to allow android developers to kill their app in the background in order to test how their application recovers from process death.
  • GitFinder (0 ) An example app for searching github content
  • kotlin-koans (0 ) Kotlin workshop
Michael Spencer has 7 from Kotlin repos:
Adam Hilton has 6 from Kotlin repos:
WWT has 6 from Kotlin repos:
Tom Hermann has 5 from Kotlin repos:
Christopher Cruzen has 5 from Kotlin repos:
  • CrystalNote (5 ) An aggressively minimalist, highly customizable notes app for Android.
Coolfire has 4 from Kotlin repos:
Paul Hawke has 4 from Kotlin repos:
  • kotlin-state-machine (3 ) A multiplatform state machine with clean Kotlin DSL
  • auto-dagger2 (1 ) Annotation processor on top of Dagger 2 that generates components for you.
  • Expenso (0 ) 📊 A Minimal Expense Tracker App built to demonstrate the use of modern android architecture component with MVVM Architecture
crazywendy has 4 from Kotlin repos:
Joe Frazier has 3 from Kotlin repos:
  • AndroidDeezerMusicApp (1 ) Android music/playlist app
  • Blackjack (1 ) Android Blackjack App
  • DiceRoller (1 ) Android dice rolling app for viewing/displaying Gaussian Curves and the Law of Large Numbers
Lightning 1444 has 3 from Kotlin repos:
Vivek Vishwanath has 3 from Kotlin repos:
  • BittersKotlin (3 ) Cocktail Recipe application rewritten in Kotlin with clean architecture
  • AH_Sprint2 (0 ) (No description)
  • Dagger2Demo (0 ) A basic app to test and demonstrate Android DI using Dagger2
Mingyuan Shen has 2 from Kotlin repos:
  • ChatNearby-AndroidApp (1 ) An Android online chat App based on Firebase online realtime database, can find the users near by based on GPS localization information. After add them to contacts you are free to chat!
  • Balckjack-AndroidGame (1 ) An Android online Blackjack game with Leaderboard
  • CalorieCalculator-AndroidApp (0 ) A basic calorie calculator Android App, developed with Kotlin.
adwzq4 has 1 from Kotlin repos:
danieljanis has 1 from Kotlin repos:
  • Android-SimonSays-App (1 ) This is an Android Game that I developed to replicate the popular "Simon Says" game.
  • Android-Shopping-App (0 ) This is an Android Application I designed to allow the user to create shopping lists and to store these lists locally within the app.
Evie has 1 from Kotlin repos:
Graham Scanlon has 1 from Kotlin repos:
Gus Steurer has 1 from Kotlin repos:
Justin Vartanian has 1 from Kotlin repos:
  • IUCNRedList (1 ) Android application to browse the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species
Andrew Marshall has 1 from Kotlin repos:
MyMICDS has 1 from Kotlin repos:
Sherd White has 1 from Kotlin repos:
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