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benoberkfell has 40 from Kotlin repos:
  • cat-rates (30 ) Sample app for my conference talk, "Android Architecture For The Subway"
  • apk-shrinking-by-example (7 ) Demo app for APK Shrinking By Example, my Windy City DevFest talk
  • CryptoDiary (3 ) Demo app for my talk at Øredev on advanced fingerprint authentication.
mkheck has 14 from Kotlin repos:
  • drinking-from-the-stream-kotlin (5 ) Spring Cloud Stream (Kotlin) projects to accompany my session titled Drinking from the Stream
  • game-of-streams-kotlin (2 ) Meta repository to accompany my session "Game of Streams: How to tame & get the most from your messaging platforms" (Kotlin edition!)
  • kotlin-coffee-service (2 ) Fully idiomatic Kotlin example of coffee-service (including Kotlin DSL routing)
iBelieve has 7 from Kotlin repos:
adamhilton has 6 from Kotlin repos:
felsig has 6 from Kotlin repos:
tomhermann has 5 from Kotlin repos:
  • rockstar (5 ) Not an energy drink, a dependency injected Kotlin Android Starter Project
  • todo-vert.x-kotlin-postgres (0 ) Todo Backend showcase using Vert.x, Kotlin, and Postgres
coolfiresolutions has 4 from Kotlin repos:
cbedoy has 3 from Kotlin repos:
  • Corona-Tracker (3 ) Track Corona Virus COVID19 cases with this Andriod Application.
  • chatter (0 ) Basic PubNub chat client
  • DYUM (0 ) Basic Kotlin Implementation following MVP, and using Third Party library by Natural Analytics Language
frazierjoe has 3 from Kotlin repos:
  • DiceRoller (1 ) Android dice rolling app for viewing/displaying Gaussian Curves and the Law of Large Numbers
  • Blackjack (1 ) Android Blackjack App
  • AndroidDeezerMusicApp (1 ) Android music/playlist app
frc1444 has 3 from Kotlin repos:
Xephorium has 3 from Kotlin repos:
  • CrystalNote (3 ) An aggressively minimalist, highly customizable notes app for Android.
donaldmyshen has 2 from Kotlin repos:
  • ChatNearby-AndroidApp (1 ) An Android online chat App based on Firebase online realtime database, can find the users near by based on GPS localization information. After add them to contacts you are free to chat!
  • Balckjack-AndroidGame (1 ) An Android online Blackjack game with Leaderboard
  • CalorieCalculator-AndroidApp (0 ) A basic calorie calculator Android App, developed with Kotlin.
emrf2b has 1 from Kotlin repos:
gscanlon21 has 1 from Kotlin repos:
gsteurer has 1 from Kotlin repos:
MyMICDS has 1 from Kotlin repos:
sherdwhite has 1 from Kotlin repos:
alexknipfer has 0 from Kotlin repos:
asimjb1200 has 0 from Kotlin repos:
  • ResumeApp (0 ) An app that I plan to use to show to employers
  • DiceRoller (0 ) Practicing to learn the basics of android studio
BenCradick has 0 from Kotlin repos:
benjaminplee has 0 from Kotlin repos:
blasker97 has 0 from Kotlin repos:
cairacshields has 0 from Kotlin repos:
casey-boyer has 0 from Kotlin repos:
  • Minesweeper (0 ) The original Minesweeper game as an Android app.
  • Stopwatch (0 ) A stopwatch Android app that records elapsed time and includes pause, reset, and lap functionalities.
cfsnsalazar has 0 from Kotlin repos:
  • Dagger-2-Kotlin (0 ) This project is an guide to implement Dagger 2 (Dependency injection from scratch)
  • quick_grocery (0 ) (No description)
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