169 Vue users in St. Louis

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Two Beards has 184 from Vue repos:
Travis Horn has 97 from Vue repos:
Victorio Berra has 80 from Vue repos:
Gavin Rehkemper has 36 from Vue repos:
WWT has 31 from Vue repos:
  • guac-vue (31 ) simple Vue client to Guacamole
John Pickett has 27 from Vue repos:
OCI Labs - Object Computing, Inc. has 10 from Vue repos:
Justin Wash has 6 from Vue repos:
  • client-side-vue (6 ) Vue.js client-side for tiny, quick-loading, node.js-less Single Page Apps.
  • justinwash-dev (0 ) My portfolio site, made with Vue.js
Anthony Parrett has 4 from Vue repos:
  • poker-ui-deprecated (4 ) An app where you can play Texas Hold'em poker with your friends.
  • nasa-images-ui (0 ) Learning Vue with a simple app that displays NASA images.
Christopher Schmitz has 3 from Vue repos:
  • matching-game (2 ) A simple matching game
  • vue-in-depth-already-baked (1 ) This is a pre-build of the vue project I'm going to live code (at least partially) during the Full Stack Web Development Meetup session on vuejs in depth.
  • algolia-airfields-poc (0 ) A proof-of-concept for integrating algolia and google maps
Cory Rylan has 3 from Vue repos:
David Leininger has 3 from Vue repos:
OSMoSE has 3 from Vue repos:
Matthew Schroeter has 3 from Vue repos:
  • bookmarky (3 ) Browser extension to manage tabs
Zachary Klein has 3 from Vue repos:
Kumar Challa has 2 from Vue repos:
  • Nowify (2 ) A Spotify 'Now Playing' screen designed for Raspberry Pi
Ren-Huai Huang has 2 from Vue repos:
  • (1 ) documentation
  • VueNodeTutorial (1 ) VueJS Nodejs Tutorial walks through creating a Node.js, MongoDB, Express, and front-end framework (Vue.js) application. Client side code is bundled with Webpack. It is also called VueJS NodeJS Express Tutorial or Vue Express Example Tutorial. For more information please visit this URL:
Jeff Prehm has 2 from Vue repos:
Mike McBride has 2 from Vue repos:
  • vercel-vite-vue-starter (2 ) A template for scaffolding a Vue UI and Node API using Vite that can be deployed to Vercel
  • accessible-colors (0 ) Another color accessibility checker. Because there aren't enough of these apparently...
  • snap-words (0 ) Web app for helping my kids practice their reading snap words
AlexAndrei98 has 1 from Vue repos:
  • VolunteerU (1 ) Web application using Vue.js as front-end, Firebase as backend, and the EventBrite API, in order to connect YOU with the volunteering opportunities that would best fit your interests. Checkout the deployed version:
Brandi Quintos has 1 from Vue repos:
  • fampicks (1 ) Family pool of SEC football picks - made with Vue.js
  • vue (0 ) Reusable Vue.js components I have written
Bryce Stabenow has 1 from Vue repos:
Charles Harris has 1 from Vue repos:
  • vatterott-foundation (1 ) Static website built for the Vatterott Foundation, built on the Yeogurt Generator
  • vue-kanban-component (0 ) WIP: Kanban board component for lane and card drag and drop, sorting, and management
  • nuxt-trial (0 ) Trying out nuxt
Darlene Zouras has 1 from Vue repos:
Andrew Dillon has 1 from Vue repos:
  • best-resume-ever (1 ) :necktie: :briefcase: Build fast :rocket: and easy multiple beautiful resumes and create your best CV ever! Made with Vue and LESS.
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