480 Shell users in St. Louis

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geerlingguy has 5850 from Shell repos:
KittyKatt has 2931 from Shell repos:
  • screenFetch (2895 ) Fetches system/theme information in terminal for Linux desktop screenshots.
  • bmpc (16 ) BASH Music Player Daemon (MPD) Client
  • mpd-libnotify (10 ) MPD notification via libnotify/notification-daemon
philcryer has 1021 from Shell repos:
  • lipsync (862 ) lipsync sets up a lightweight service that provides command-line, Dropbox like syncing
  • wpa2own (45 ) Use hashcat to crack WPA2 PSK (Pre-Shared Key) passwords!
  • nginx-globals (42 ) Consolidating common, repeatable, secure nginx configs in a globals directory to standardize and simplify the locking down of nginx based webservers.
geekofweek has 691 from Shell repos:
brentwpeterson has 244 from Shell repos:
Washington-University has 236 from Shell repos:
mhassan2 has 109 from Shell repos:
  • splunk-n-box (108 ) Docker Splunk "Orchestration" bash script (6,000+ lines) to create fully automated pre-configured splunk site-2-site clusters or stand alone containers. Awesome tool for training and testing!
  • splunk-serverclass-reload (1 ) Python script CRT interface to splunk Deployment Server (DS)
astrostl has 103 from Shell repos:
  • vagrant-centos (84 ) Build your own minimal Vagrant CentOS Base Box.
  • aws (18 ) Eases SSH management of Linux EC2 Hosts. Supports multiple accounts.
  • aws-stl-meetup (1 ) AWS STL Meetup CloudFormation workshop
att-comdev has 82 from Shell repos:
maryvilledev has 62 from Shell repos:
  • alpine-rmq (33 ) 35MB RabbitMQ Docker image running on Alpine Linux
  • cnvm (18 ) Cloud Native VM
  • uCA (11 ) uCA is a micro-CA that uses OpenSSL to allow you to easily create signed certificates with multiple SubjectAltNames
sixninetynine has 62 from Shell repos:
  • surrogate (62 ) bash wrapper for percona xtrabackup
lorencarvalho has 61 from Shell repos:
  • surrogate (61 ) bash wrapper for percona xtrabackup
boochtek has 54 from Shell repos:
  • mac_config (51 ) Scripted installation and configuration of Mac OS X apps and preferences
  • sysadmin (2 ) Tools to make GNU/Linux system administration easier
  • bash-higher-order-functions (1 ) Higher order functions for Bash, a la Lisp
excid3 has 54 from Shell repos:
  • dotfiles (50 ) My personal dotfiles for macOS: zsh, MacVim, iterm, and more.
  • asdf-vars (4 ) An asdf extension that safely sets global and per-project environment variables, based upon rbenv
clyde80 has 50 from Shell repos:
colebrumley has 46 from Shell repos:
HoundstoothSTL has 41 from Shell repos:
  • wordpress-starter (29 ) A shell script for setting up wordpress core, dev theme, deployment scripts, local vhost and amazon S3 backups
  • bootstrap-starter-build (10 ) Build out a new Bootstrap project Scaffold in milliseconds using a simple shell script. Also does a system check and install for necessary packages like Node and Twitter Bower.
  • wordpress-s3-backup (2 ) Amazon S3 backup script for WordPress database and uploads
gstanden has 39 from Shell repos:
asynchrony has 36 from Shell repos:
mkheck has 36 from Shell repos:
  • LocalMessaging (13 ) Scripts I use to create Docker images, create config, & run containers for RabbitMQ and Zookeeper+Kafka. Nothing fancy, they just work. :)
  • flux-flix-intro (10 ) Streamlined introduction to reactive streams, Project Reactor, Spring Framework 5.x, & Spring Boot 2.x
  • cnworkshop (2 ) Cloud Native Workshop example project (quote-service) for use locally & as CF-deployed app w/MySQL backing service.
ding-lab has 31 from Shell repos:
ianharrier has 26 from Shell repos:
NrgXnat has 26 from Shell repos:
  • oasis-scripts (26 ) Example download scripts for the OASIS3 project
eahrold has 21 from Shell repos:
kylejericson has 21 from Shell repos:
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