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Mark Sands has 690 from Swift repos:
Asynchrony has 147 from Swift repos:
  • Re-Lax (147 ) Recreating Parallax on tvOS
Michael Gira has 40 from Swift repos:
  • navigatAR (40 ) Finding your way through buildings and campuses through the power of augmented reality
Tunespeak has 18 from Swift repos:
  • AlamoRecord (18 ) An elegant yet powerful iOS networking layer inspired by ActiveRecord.
Aaron Raimist has 7 from Swift repos:
  • riotic (7 ) https://bitbucket.org/riotic/riotic/ but updated (slightly)
  • beagle-im (0 ) READ ONLY copy of beagle-im. Create pull requests and issues on the official repository.
Jeff Roberts has 7 from Swift repos:
  • LoLBookOfChampions-swift2-sqlite (6 ) A comprehensive demonstration of several key application components including Typhoon (dependency injection), and other tech including ReactiveCocoa, AlamoFire and Sqlite using FMDB. The application features content from the League of Legends Developer API.
  • swift-content-provider (1 ) A Swift implementation of the Android ContentProvider for managing application content
  • swift-protocols-core (0 ) A core set of Swift 2 protocols that are generally useful across frameworks, libraries and applications
Jeff Heaton has 6 from Swift repos:
  • ios_video_classify (6 ) A simple IOS application that uses mobilenet to classify 1000 different images from an IOS device's video camera.
LeAnne Lis has 6 from Swift repos:
  • DEMO-AddAudioKit (2 ) Example project using AudioKit framework. (Xcode 9.3, Swift 4.1)
  • MemeMe (2 ) iOS Swift app "MemeMe": allows user to select image from camera or photo album, add text, and share as a meme.
  • CoreData-Example (1 ) Demonstrates the use of attributes, relationships, fetched properties, and a fetched template in Core Data.
Ege Çavuşoğlu has 5 from Swift repos:
Tiago Henrique Do Couto has 3 from Swift repos:
  • Uploadkit (1 ) Sync offline data
  • ForgetMeNot (1 ) A simple project to track objects and animals with iBeacons
  • poked (1 ) Pokedex App Swift 4
Neem Serra has 3 from Swift repos:
Warren Hansen has 3 from Swift repos:
David Chopin has 2 from Swift repos:
DoodMac has 2 from Swift repos:
Jeffery Calhoun Jr. has 2 from Swift repos:
Joe Rogers has 2 from Swift repos:
  • The-Graveyard (1 ) This is my playground graveyard. This is a personal file where I play around with things and update and destroy and abandon things on a normal basis.
  • Alpha (1 ) (No description)
  • Stars_app_ios_fundamentals_II (0 ) A simple app Providing the steps on how to store persistent data
Luke Reichold has 2 from Swift repos:
  • oauth1-signer-swift (1 ) Zero dependency library for generating a Mastercard® API compliant OAuth signature in Swift
  • SpeechTimestamper (1 ) Generate an accurate, timestamped transcript given an audio file and its text using Google Cloud's Speech-to-Text API via gRPC.
  • adventofcode (0 ) Advent of Code 2017 solutions
Nikash Taskar has 2 from Swift repos:
Stephen F. Booth has 2 from Swift repos:
Steve Kipp has 2 from Swift repos:
  • requests (2 ) An HTTP Requests library in swift
Addison Elliott has 1 from Swift repos:
Ben Fortier has 1 from Swift repos:
Ben Cradick has 1 from Swift repos:
Charles Dill has 1 from Swift repos:
Dacode45 has 1 from Swift repos:
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