301 Swift users in St. Louis

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Mark Sands has 1,624 from Swift repos:
Jared Forsyth has 295 from Swift repos:
  • qmoji (294 ) 🙃 Like mojibar, but written in swift
  • SwiftTweaks (1 ) Tweak your iOS app without recompiling!
Asynchrony has 159 from Swift repos:
  • Re-Lax (158 ) Recreating Parallax on tvOS
  • spark-ios-sdk-example (1 ) A developer friendly sample implementation of Spark client SDK and showcases all SDK features.
  • KeychainAccess (0 ) Simple Swift wrapper for Keychain that works on iOS and OS X
WWT has 127 from Swift repos:
Brian Coyner has 104 from Swift repos:
  • Visual-Effects-Shadow (57 ) Add a drop shadow to a UIVisualEffectView using a 9-part UIImage.
  • interactive-grid (11 ) Demo project showing a technique for building a reorderable `UICollectionView` using compositional layout and other stock UIKit APIs.
  • Circular-Progress (8 ) Techniques for building circular progress views using Core Animation.
Michael Gira has 53 from Swift repos:
  • navigatAR (53 ) Finding your way through buildings and campuses through the power of augmented reality
Patrick Maltagliati has 36 from Swift repos:
  • Messanger (16 ) This is an example app of end-to-end encryption with CloudKit and Core Data.
  • TreeGraph (13 ) Drawing a tree with SwiftUI and Core Data
  • SettingsSpinner (4 ) Settings system update spinner in SwiftUI
Tunespeak has 18 from Swift repos:
  • AlamoRecord (18 ) An elegant yet powerful iOS networking layer inspired by ActiveRecord.
  • Spring (0 ) A library to simplify iOS animations in Swift.
  • Birdsong (0 ) :bird::musical_score: Swift WebSockets client for Phoenix Channels.
Dan Hart has 14 from Swift repos:
Jeff Heaton has 11 from Swift repos:
  • ios_video_classify (11 ) A simple IOS application that uses mobilenet to classify 1000 different images from an IOS device's video camera.
LeAnne Lis has 11 from Swift repos:
  • CoreData-Example (6 ) Demonstrates the use of attributes, relationships, fetched properties, and a fetched template in Core Data.
  • MemeMe (2 ) iOS Swift app "MemeMe": allows user to select image from camera or photo album, add text, and share as a meme.
  • DEMO-AddAudioKit (2 ) Example project using AudioKit framework. (Xcode 9.3, Swift 4.1)
DoodMac has 9 from Swift repos:
Jeff Roberts has 7 from Swift repos:
  • LoLBookOfChampions-swift2-sqlite (6 ) A comprehensive demonstration of several key application components including Typhoon (dependency injection), and other tech including ReactiveCocoa, AlamoFire and Sqlite using FMDB. The application features content from the League of Legends Developer API.
  • swift-content-provider (1 ) A Swift implementation of the Android ContentProvider for managing application content
  • swift-adapters-fmdb (0 ) FMDB adapters for the swift-protocols-sqlite protocols. Use this code in conjunction with the protocols if you want to use fmdb as your underlying sqlite wrapper.
Stephen Bowen has 7 from Swift repos:
Justin LeBlanc has 6 from Swift repos:
  • SwiftGraphStore (6 ) Library for interacting with Graph Store via UrsusHTTP
  • Notepad (0 ) [iOS] A fully themeable markdown editor with live syntax highlighting.
  • Parity (0 ) Integer parity microlibrary
Nick Neuberger has 6 from Swift repos:
  • swift-log-console-colors (5 ) This is a small SwiftLog API compatible library that shows more color in the Xcode console for easier identification of errors, warnings, etc in the console.
  • HCKalmanFilter (1 ) HCKalmanFilter is Swift implementation of Kalman filter algorithm intended to solve problem with GPS tracking
  • SVEVideoUI (0 ) A video component for SwiftUI
Raul Pham has 6 from Swift repos:
David Chopin has 5 from Swift repos:
James Rantanen has 5 from Swift repos:
James Shepherdson has 5 from Swift repos:
  • LabelTool (5 ) A macOS application for generating and printing labels on ZPL-compatible thermal printers
  • Glimmer (0 ) A simple update-checking library for macOS applications distributed via GitHub releases
Mark Volkmann has 5 from Swift repos:
Warren Hansen has 5 from Swift repos:
Ege Çavuşoğlu has 4 from Swift repos:
  • RaspEye (4 ) Raspberry Pi to iOS Video Stream Service
  • PettyPal (0 ) Play with virtual pets.
  • CameoApp (0 ) Lookup movies and get details
Chris Rehagen has 3 from Swift repos:
Tiago Henrique Do Couto has 3 from Swift repos:
  • ForgetMeNot (1 ) A simple project to track objects and animals with iBeacons
  • poked (1 ) Pokedex App Swift 4
  • Uploadkit (1 ) Sync offline data
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