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marksands has 593 from Swift repos:
asynchrony has 144 from Swift repos:
  • Re-Lax (144 ) Recreating Parallax on tvOS
michaelgira23 has 38 from Swift repos:
  • navigatAR (38 ) Finding your way through buildings and campuses through the power of augmented reality
tunespeak has 18 from Swift repos:
  • AlamoRecord (18 ) An elegant yet powerful iOS networking layer inspired by ActiveRecord.
aaronraimist has 7 from Swift repos:
  • riotic (7 ) https://bitbucket.org/riotic/riotic/ but updated (slightly)
  • beagle-im (0 ) READ ONLY copy of beagle-im. Create pull requests and issues on the official repository.
JeffBNimble has 7 from Swift repos:
  • LoLBookOfChampions-swift2-sqlite (6 ) A comprehensive demonstration of several key application components including Typhoon (dependency injection), and other tech including ReactiveCocoa, AlamoFire and Sqlite using FMDB. The application features content from the League of Legends Developer API.
  • swift-content-provider (1 ) A Swift implementation of the Android ContentProvider for managing application content
  • swift-adapters-fmdb (0 ) FMDB adapters for the swift-protocols-sqlite protocols. Use this code in conjunction with the protocols if you want to use fmdb as your underlying sqlite wrapper.
jeffheaton has 5 from Swift repos:
  • ios_video_classify (5 ) A simple IOS application that uses mobilenet to classify 1000 different images from an IOS device's video camera.
egecavusoglu has 4 from Swift repos:
leanne63 has 4 from Swift repos:
  • MemeMe (2 ) iOS Swift app "MemeMe": allows user to select image from camera or photo album, add text, and share as a meme.
  • CoreData-Example (1 ) Demonstrates the use of attributes, relationships, fetched properties, and a fetched template in Core Data.
  • On-the-Map (1 ) "On the Map": allows a user to login via Udacity to view and place pins with informational links. (Swift 3, Xcode 8, iOS 9.3, REST API)
cscouto has 3 from Swift repos:
  • ForgetMeNot (1 ) A simple project to track objects and animals with iBeacons
  • poked (1 ) Pokedex App Swift 4
  • Uploadkit (1 ) Sync offline data
teamneem has 3 from Swift repos:
westsider has 3 from Swift repos:
ChopinDavid has 2 from Swift repos:
  • FirebaseLoginSignup (1 ) (No description)
  • UpsellViewController (1 ) UpsellViewController is a library that lets you create customizable alert view controllers that pitch products to your app's users.
  • HOOT (0 ) "HOOT" is an app that provides a unique way of coordinating how communities communicate their wants, needs, and events. It allows users to see everything that's going on in their community, or any community for that matter. Users simply zoom to an area in the world they are interested in, filter their results to whatever categories they want to see (like garage sales, sporting events, or job opportunities), and they will immediately be presented with what they are looking for. HOOT aims to: Bring communities together by: Communicating the needs and wants of individuals to other community members Notify community members of what events are going on in their area Ensure communities do more by facilitating chat between users and by providing turn-by-turn directions to things going on in this community Let individuals see what's going on anywhere in the world. HOOT will only show up to 30 things going on at a time The more an individual zooms in, the more specific results will be found Users can zoom into any community in the world, whether its a whole nation or a small village, and know exactly what's going on in that community Facilitate work within communities. HOOT allows users to post jobs and tasks they need to have done so that anybody can see the job and contact the job-poster Individuals looking for work can always open up HOOT, filter by specific jobs, and find work that needs to be done around them What sets "HOOT" apart is its desire to bring people together in an extremely accessible way. Whether it's something fun to do in their college town, "Found Pet" postings in hopes of finding their recently lost pet, or job opportunities to help make ends meet, HOOT ensures that users always find what they are looking for.
jbird84 has 2 from Swift repos:
jeffcaljr has 2 from Swift repos:
JosephRogers94 has 2 from Swift repos:
  • The-Graveyard (1 ) This is my playground graveyard. This is a personal file where I play around with things and update and destroy and abandon things on a normal basis.
  • Alpha (1 ) (No description)
  • RainbowiOSPT3 (0 ) (No description)
lukereichold has 2 from Swift repos:
  • oauth1-signer-swift (1 ) Zero dependency library for generating a Mastercard┬« API compliant OAuth signature in Swift
  • SpeechTimestamper (1 ) Generate an accurate, timestamped transcript given an audio file and its text using Google Cloud's Speech-to-Text API via gRPC.
  • adventofcode (0 ) Advent of Code 2017 solutions
niktaskar has 2 from Swift repos:
sbooth has 2 from Swift repos:
SteveKipp has 2 from Swift repos:
  • requests (2 ) An HTTP Requests library in swift
addisonElliott has 1 from Swift repos:
befortier has 1 from Swift repos:
BenCradick has 1 from Swift repos:
cdi11 has 1 from Swift repos:
Dacode45 has 1 from Swift repos:
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