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Andrew Dillon has 6,333 from TypeScript repos:
  • pdf-lib (6,332 ) Create and modify PDF documents in any JavaScript environment
  • standard-fonts (1 ) Collection of metrics and encodings for the standard 14 PDF fonts
  • png-ts (0 ) A TypeScript PNG decoder that works in any JavaScript environment
Jabasukuriputo Wang has 974 from TypeScript repos:
Kyle McCarthy has 672 from TypeScript repos:
  • nest-next (635 ) Render Module to add Nextjs support for Nestjs
  • nest-next-starter (36 ) NestJS and NextJS example and starter app -- add React SSR to NestJS with NextJS
  • node-casbin (1 ) An authorization library that supports access control models like ACL, RBAC, ABAC in Node.js
Cory Rylan has 542 from TypeScript repos:
  • ng-pokedex (253 ) :monkey_face: Pokedex progressive web app built with Angular
  • ngx-lite (128 ) :package: A collection of lightweight Angular libraries in a single mono repo
  • ngx-json-ld (29 ) :pencil: A small component to easily bind JSON-LD schema to Angular templates.
Oasis Digital Solutions Inc. has 318 from TypeScript repos:
Bullhorn has 252 from TypeScript repos:
  • career-portal (125 ) A Bullhorn Platform SDK app that allows candidates to search for and apply to jobs.
  • novo-elements (75 ) UI Repository for Bullhorn's Novo Theme
  • taurus (10 ) Typescript client for the Bullhorn REST API
Hayden Shively has 237 from TypeScript repos:
  • New-Bedford (237 ) Flash swap liquidation bot for compound.finance + flashbots
Butterscotch Shenanigans has 172 from TypeScript repos:
  • stitch (102 ) Tools and apps for GameMaker development: a CLI for pipeline development, a VSCode extension for coding, and more.
  • typescript-template (30 ) Typescript project starter that includes testing, linting, and changelogs, and is ready for publishing to npm
  • spritely (18 ) Image correction and cleanup for 2D video game sprites
Jared Forsyth has 152 from TypeScript repos:
Bill Odom has 151 from TypeScript repos:
Ben Main has 99 from TypeScript repos:
Bruce Harrison has 90 from TypeScript repos:
  • Schedulely (66 ) CSS-grid based React calendar with a focus on extensibility and small package size
  • bcrypt-edge (17 ) Bcrypt implementation specifically for web workers
  • kv-d1-benchmark (6 ) A very small Cloudflare Worker that compares response times of KV to D1
Zach Schneider has 73 from TypeScript repos:
Petfinder.com has 56 from TypeScript repos:
Neil Kistner has 54 from TypeScript repos:
Madness Labs has 46 from TypeScript repos:
  • enjin-components (37 ) A set of components to help the app building process
  • FireEnjin (3 ) A set of tools for speeding up production of full-stack Firebase projects.
  • MadnessCircleCI (1 ) A firebase stencil app deployed with CircleCI
Manish Sodavadiya has 39 from TypeScript repos:
Michael Gira has 36 from TypeScript repos:
  • swarms (16 ) The ultimate node.js library for controlling Bitcraze Crazyflie 2.0 drones
  • Pear-Tutoring (4 ) Sharing the fruits of knowledge
  • nuclear-energy-simulator-2017 (3 ) Plan, build, and manage nuclear power plants to become the greenest country on the planet (created for my global issues class)
Momentum Framework has 35 from TypeScript repos:
  • momentum (35 ) Momentum is an open-source framework for building server-side Deno applications in TypeScript. It provides the paradigms and design patterns to guide developers to create robust, scalable, and enterprise-grade applications.
  • momentum-mvc-starter (0 ) (No description)
  • momentum-api-starter (0 ) (No description)
Second Street has 33 from TypeScript repos:
  • talker.js (33 ) A tiny, promise-based library for cross-origin communication between frames and windows.
  • custom-sso (0 ) This repository contains documentation for your reference when building a custom Single Sign-On solution for embedded Second Street content.
Shawn Presser has 31 from TypeScript repos:
  • gpt4 (31 ) Playground for GPT-4
  • core (0 ) UI-Router Core: Framework agnostic, State-based routing for JavaScript Single Page Apps
  • typescript-hapi-react-hot-loader-example (0 ) Simple TypeScript React Hot Loading example with Hapi Server-side rendering
Jacob Wasilkowski has 30 from TypeScript repos:
Rachel Noccioli has 30 from TypeScript repos:
Paul Spears has 25 from TypeScript repos:
Gavin Rehkemper has 25 from TypeScript repos:
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