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David Ortinau has 2,322 from C# repos:
  • WeatherTwentyOne (714 ) (No description)
  • Xappy (327 ) A mobile app to track Xamarin news and explore all the goodness that is .NET for Mobile developers
  • TheLittleThingsPlayground (197 ) Playground for experimenting with new Xamarin.Forms features.
Tyler Brinkley has 1,288 from C# repos:
  • Enums.NET (1,271 ) Enums.NET is a high-performance type-safe .NET enum utility library
  • Genumerics (14 ) Genumerics is a high-performance .NET library for generic numeric operations
  • Newtonsoft.Json (1 ) Json.NET is a popular high-performance JSON framework for .NET
Ekon Benefits has 926 from C# repos:
  • impromptu-interface (574 ) Static interface to dynamic implementation (duck casting). Uses the DLR combined with Reflect.Emit.
  • dynamitey (302 ) (pronounced dyna-mighty) flexes DLR muscle to do meta-mazing things in .net
  • dotnetdbf (46 ) This is a basic file parser written in C# for reading and writing xBase DBF files, particularly Clipper.
TypeCastException has 534 from C# repos:
Jeff Heaton has 502 from C# repos:
  • encog-dotnet-core (424 ) (No description)
  • encog-dotnet-more-examples (43 ) This project will contain additional examples for Encog, beyond the console examples provided with Encog. These examples are primarily Winforms GUI applications, and may make use of third party libraries other than Encog.
  • encog-sample-csharp (28 ) A sample application for Encog C#.
Alan Juden has 170 from C# repos:
  • MvcReportViewer (170 ) Custom Report Viewer control to replace MS Report Viewer on MVC projects (also works on .NET Core as a Report Viewer).
Spencer Schneidenbach has 167 from C# repos:
Shawn Miller has 95 from C# repos:
  • MongoDB.Web (95 ) MongoDB.Web is a collection of ASP.NET providers (caching, membership, profiles, roles, session state, web events) for MongoDB.
Jay Tuley has 67 from C# repos:
  • keyczar-dotnet (54 ) Keyczar high level encryption toolkit in C#.
  • AnyUnit (8 ) Portable Class Library Unit Tests: Write Once, Test Everywhere
  • ManyConsole.CommandLineUtils (4 ) A near drop-in replacement for fschwiet/ManyConsole, wrapping Microsoft.Extensions.CommandLineUtils
Christopher Paul Schmich has 67 from C# repos:
Lenny Kean has 62 from C# repos:
  • WcfCoreMtomEncoder (27 ) MTOM message encoder for .NET Core WCF
  • NoteCards (14 ) (No description)
  • MiningMonitor (13 ) Mining Monitor is a free and open-source monitoring tool for ethereum mining rigs.
Matt McCormick has 58 from C# repos:
  • GitHubStats (5 ) Shows very basic statistics for a GitHub user over the last year.
  • HackerNews (5 ) Hacker News client for Windows Phone
  • excel-to-sql (5 ) Generates a table in SQL Server, with data, from an Excel Spreadsheet.
Engage Software has 54 from C# repos:
  • Engage-Publish (9 ) Engage: Publish is an article management system/workflow engine for your DotNetNuke portal. It provides advanced content management capabilities with workflow - approval, content categorization and related articles.
  • Engage-Employment (8 ) Engage: Employment is a job listing and applicant management tool for the DNN Platform.
  • Engage-Events (7 ) Engage: Events is a calendar and event management system for the DNN Platform.
Justin Buchanan has 53 from C# repos:
ArchitectNow has 49 from C# repos:
Jesse Chounard has 45 from C# repos:
  • UnityTools (41 ) Tools and scripts for use with Unity3D. (Most likely written in C#.)
  • AutomaticPrefabs (2 ) Automated prefab and manager loading for Unity3d
  • NinjaSharp (2 ) C# game development utilities for use with XNA and MonoGame
Brian Dukes has 35 from C# repos:
  • sugar (15 ) A set of Extension Methods for making C# development a little easier
  • Designing-a-Mobile-Enabling-API (3 ) A presentation for Charlotte Day of DotNetNuke 2013
  • URLExpander (3 ) Plugin for Seesmic Desktop that expands shortened URLs
Fabien Molinet has 35 from C# repos:
Danny Nissenfeld has 32 from C# repos:
  • Warrens (28 ) A c# mvc routing js client text world platform
  • MarkovianEchoes (2 ) A .net mud for the MUD Coders Guild gamejam 2018
  • grapeNET (1 ) A place for all things Grapevine in .net
Michael Lang has 31 from C# repos:
  • candor-common (16 ) A set of shared libraries for common application pieces
  • sample-ng2-mvc (15 ) An exploration of a few techniques to create an Angular2 application inside Visual Studio Community (or Pro), leveraging NPM and Gulp.
  • sendgrid-csharp (0 ) (No description)
Jason Whittington has 29 from C# repos:
  • INTERCAL (22 ) Common Runtime Intercal (Next-Generation Engine)
  • Cardiac (7 ) C# / .NET implementation of the CARDIAC Cardboard computer
  • VSX-Samples (0 ) Visual Studio eXtensibility (VSX) Samples
Chris Young has 27 from C# repos:
Troy Walsh has 26 from C# repos:
Joseph Hager has 18 from C# repos:
Martin Pratt has 17 from C# repos:
  • GeoXplorer (5 ) (No description)
  • AzureSpatialAnchorsDemo (5 ) Create and find Azure Spatial Anchors in AR on iPhone
  • ZoomAntarctica (2 ) Repository for the development of ZoomAntarctica: a HoloLens app to demonstrate 3D geophysical data in Antarctica
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