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Jeff Heaton has 6,047 from Jupyter Notebook repos:
  • t81_558_deep_learning (5,643 ) T81-558: Keras - Applications of Deep Neural Networks @Washington University in St. Louis
  • app_deep_learning (226 ) T81-558: PyTorch - Applications of Deep Neural Networks @Washington University in St. Louis
  • pretrained-gan-70s-scifi (51 ) Pretrained model 1024x1024 trained on 1970s scifi art
Jordan W has 352 from Jupyter Notebook repos:
Tim Holy has 293 from Jupyter Notebook repos:
Shawn Presser has 212 from Jupyter Notebook repos:
Gregory Brunner has 130 from Jupyter Notebook repos:
  • programming-for-gis-and-rs (63 ) Materials for the Intro to Programming for GIS and Remote Sensing Course that I teach at Saint Louis University. They include the updates I made for the spring 2020 and fall 2020 semesters.
  • adv-programming-for-gis-and-rs (46 ) My course materials for GIS 4091\5091, Advanced Programming for GIS and Remote Sensing. This is everything. Lectures, samples, notebooks, problems, and solutions.
  • intro-prog-for-gis-rs (10 ) Materials for the Intro to Programming for GIS and Remote Sensing Course that I teach at Saint Louis University
Donald Danforth Plant Science Center has 68 from Jupyter Notebook repos:
  • plantcv-workshop (15 ) PlantCV Workshops
  • plantcv-v2-paper (10 ) PlantCV image analysis scripts used in the PlantCV v2.0 paper
  • apps-phenotyping (7 ) The following are scripts and instruction necessary to set up 4 Raspberry Pi Powered Imaging Platforms
Peng Lu has 55 from Jupyter Notebook repos:
  • IMC_Denoise (55 ) IMC_Denoise: a software package to enhance Imaging Mass Cytometry - Nature Communications
LaunchCoderGirl has 50 from Jupyter Notebook repos:
Quan Nguyen has 49 from Jupyter Notebook repos:
ryan has 43 from Jupyter Notebook repos:
  • spreadsheets-to-dataframes (35 ) Pycon 2021 Tutorial to help Spreadsheet (Excel) Users learn Python
  • applied-economics (8 ) Applied Economic Forecasting Using Time Series Methods By Eric Ghysels, Massimiliano Marcellino (Python)
sbhakat has 41 from Jupyter Notebook repos:
  • AF-cryptic-pocket (20 ) Cryptic pocket prediction using AlphaFold 2
  • Plotting-MD-Metadynamics (9 ) Jupyter Notebook showing how to plot FES, histograms and time-series data using Matplotlib.
  • PAP-review-inputs (4 ) How one can use binary classifiers, variational auto-encoder, TICA, PCA, distance and dihedral order parameters as CVs in context of pepsin-like aspartic proteases e.g. BACE1 and plasmepsin-II.
Jon Taylor, Ph.D. has 35 from Jupyter Notebook repos:
  • twitch (29 ) Twitch stream notebooks
  • example-scripts (3 ) Example Machine Learning Scripts for Numerai's Tournament
  • FL_covid_data_notebooks (3 ) Gather Florida's Covid data directly from the ARCGIS REST API and save them as CSV files to your computer.
Shuhao Cao has 35 from Jupyter Notebook repos:
  • UCI-Math10 (33 ) This is the repository for Math 10 Intro to Programming for DataSci at UCI.
  • wustl-math450 (2 ) Optimization Methods in Machine Learning at WUSTL, mainly a PyTorch 101
  • washu-math-circle (0 ) Washington University in St. Louis Math Circle
Alex Power[s] BI has 33 from Jupyter Notebook repos:
Binxu has 31 from Jupyter Notebook repos:
millett has 22 from Jupyter Notebook repos:
  • pathology_learning (17 ) Using traditional machine learning and deep learning methods to predict stuff from TCGA pathology slides.
  • cs230_project (5 ) CS230, Deep Learning, using VAE's and GMVAE's to characterize ICU data
  • telypath (0 ) (No description)
Abhishek Nagaraja has 20 from Jupyter Notebook repos:
Chandra Prakash Bathula has 20 from Jupyter Notebook repos:
  • Apparel-Recommendations (8 ) This project implements a personalized apparel recommendation engine using content-based search with the Amazon API, NLTK, and Keras libraries.
  • Movie-Recommendation-System (3 ) A Comparative Machine Learning Case Study: Movie Recommendation System Using Collaborative Filtering and Content-Based Filtering
  • Hierarchical-Clustering (2 ) Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm
OCI Labs - Object Computing, Inc. has 19 from Jupyter Notebook repos:
  • deep-gauge (19 ) Deep gauge (using Tensorflow to read gauges)
realAngryAnalytics has 18 from Jupyter Notebook repos:
Salih Tutun, PhD has 18 from Jupyter Notebook repos:
  • comprhensive-interview-preparation (12 ) (No description)
  • fraud-detection-gnn (2 ) (No description)
  • Agent-Based-Modeling-ABM--for-Terrorism (2 ) Understanding the behavior of a terrorist group is a complex phenomenon because of the uncertainty in strategies and tactics used by terrorists. In this regards, an agent-based modeling with network topology is used to model the system composed of interacting agents (attacks) and groups. The terrorist groups’ tactics are modeled based on the success rate of attacks and the defense level of a particular location. The proposed model is validated using real-world data of suicide attacks in Iraq. The model can be used to support governmental counterterrorism policy-making.
Orhun Aydin has 17 from Jupyter Notebook repos:
  • ESRI_Workshop (8 ) Jupyter notebooks for Python and R workshops
  • RF-Demo (7 ) Random Forest demo
  • notebooks (2 ) R and Python Notebooks for Data Science
Liang-Bo Wang has 16 from Jupyter Notebook repos:
Jake Kreitler has 16 from Jupyter Notebook repos:
Li Ding's Lab has 15 from Jupyter Notebook repos:
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