648 PHP users in St. Louis

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James Guo has 1,279 from PHP repos:
Jeff Geerling has 1,001 from PHP repos:
  • Ping (414 ) A PHP class to ping hosts.
  • drupal-for-kubernetes (155 ) Drupal Example Site for Kubernetes
  • Imap (57 ) Simple wrapper class for PHP's IMAP-related email functions.
Michael Morgan (Mícheál) has 352 from PHP repos:
  • kohana-storage (91 ) A storage abstraction supporting Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud Files, EMC Atmos, FTP and the local file system.
  • kohana-restify (90 ) An interface for simplifying and testing RESTful requests.
  • kohana-dataflow (49 ) Dataflow translates to or from XML, YAML, JSON, JSON-P and serialized PHP.
Charles Barnes has 243 from PHP repos:
  • SPFtoolbox (243 ) SPFtoolbox is a Javascript and PHP app to look up DNS records such as SPF, MX, Whois, and more
Andrew Paglusch has 242 from PHP repos:
  • FlashPaper (242 ) One-time encrypted password/secret sharing
Jordan Lev has 201 from PHP repos:
John Judy has 99 from PHP repos:
  • sqrl (97 ) PHP Server side implementation of a SQRL generator/listener
  • TvDb (1 ) PHPTVDB is a PHP library for accessing TV show information such as episodes, actors, showtimes and descriptions.
  • videoViewer (1 ) A video server system that helps stream locally stored videos via HTML5 or to a Roku box with Roksbox
Goatella has 84 from PHP repos:
  • Simple-PHP-Login (84 ) A very simple PHP script with MySQL backend to store usernames, passwords, and use cookies to protect a member's area.
Kyle Cunningham has 78 from PHP repos:
  • peroxide (42 ) A Drupal theme engine allowing the use of Haml templates and Sass stylesheets.
  • phamlp (19 ) origin: The author didn't reply to my mail. (yet?). Unless that happens my changes to phamlp can be found here. Much more fixes have been contributed by:
  • oxygen (10 ) A basic theme for Drupal using the peroxide theme engine.
David Hume has 74 from PHP repos:
  • NaviCompass (25 ) PocketMine plugin that lets you transfer between your server network and worlds with a UI!
  • Decorations (13 ) PocketMine plugin to add awesome custom geometry to your world purchasble by players!
  • OreGen (11 ) PocketMine plugin to spawn ores in a cobblestone generator!
Kevin McKee has 73 from PHP repos:
  • teamsy (60 ) A sample multi-tenant application for Laravel using a single database. Watch the Laracasts series to see how this was built.
  • headless-livewire (6 ) Basic Laravel 7 app used to demonstrate Headless Livewire from the Laracasts lesson.
  • fire (4 ) Demo app for Laravel Worldwide Meetup in January 2021
Tal has 70 from PHP repos:
  • HiveCorruptor (37 ) The best solution to solidify your position in the MCPE server space.
  • pizzaplug (27 ) Buy Domino's pizza from MCPE!
  • AntiLoginForger (6 ) A quite hacky work around to prevent login replay attacks on PM3 servers.
Matthew Smith has 69 from PHP repos:
  • respond (51 ) Angular 5 + Lumen PHP + Static HTML sites. Respond 7 is a responsive CMS that features Bootstrap 3, a complete REST API, templates, plugins, and more.
  • respond1 (8 ) (DEPRECATED) Responsive CMS used to build responsive sites using Bootstrap
  • triangulate-php-apache-api (8 ) PHP Apache API for Triangulate
Walker has 59 from PHP repos:
  • incutio-php-http-client (17 ) This repository supports the continued development of the long moribund Incutio PHP HTTP Client Class. (Though this one is now fairly moribund, as well.)
  • html5-boilerplate-for-wordpress (11 ) The HTML5 Boilerplate adapted into a WordPress template, including Bruce Lawson's HTML5 blog markup. This is walker trying to take Steve Heffernan's work further.
  • campaign-monitor-post-api-component (6 ) A component for cakePHP allowing for use of the available POST methods from the Campaign Monitor API.
David Lynch has 43 from PHP repos:
  • wp-rss-importer (19 ) (No description)
  • simplecomic (11 ) Lightweight online comic publishing system, for the webcomic artist who just wants to put up comics
  • wp-disqus-importer (10 ) Import a Disqus XML export into WordPress
Joe McGill has 36 from PHP repos:
  • Cloudinary-WordPress-Integration-Demo (34 ) A plugin that demonstrates integrating Cloudinary with WordPress for generating responsive images.
  • debug-media (1 ) Add media debugging info to the WordPress debug bar
  • wp-profiler (1 ) A MU-Plugin for WordPress that simplifies setting up php-profiler
Danny Holloran has 34 from PHP repos:
  • wp-better-attachments (30 ) WordPress plugin that allows you to add/edit/attach/un-attach/sort the files attached to your WordPress posts all from the post editor. Integrates seamlessly with WordPress using the default WordPress attachments type and no configuration needed to add WP Better Attachments to custom post types.
  • default-wp-install (3 ) Default wordpress install for use by me
  • press-cli (1 ) Customizable WordPress installer to make your life easier
Ryan Markel has 30 from PHP repos:
  • https-all-the-things (26 ) Zeroconf HTTPS for WordPress frontends.
  • marginal (4 ) Simple and semantic footnotes for WordPress.
  • beacon (0 ) Simple podcasting for WordPress.
Har-Kuun has 29 from PHP repos:
Sean Davis has 29 from PHP repos:
  • simple-course-creator (17 ) Simple Course Creator is a WordPress plugin designed to easily link posts together in a series and output that series list in the content of each included post.
  • twentyfourteen-edd (6 ) An Easy Digital Downloads ready child theme for WordPress' Twenty Fourteen theme
  • full-width_s (4 ) A full-width HTML structure for the '_s' (Underscores) starter theme by Automattic. An explanation of the minimal HTML changes and CSS additions have been described in the file. Credit Automattic for the starter theme as well as the README description minus my additions.
Brent W. Peterson has 28 from PHP repos:
Matt McCormick has 27 from PHP repos:
  • git-php (7 ) Robust PHP web interface to git repositories.
  • switchboard (4 ) Open-source call center software based on Twilio.
  • issuebox (3 ) Simple, clean, issue tracking system.
Bullhorn has 25 from PHP repos:
  • fast-rest (25 ) A Bullhorn Platform SDK tool. Automatically generate a PHP REST API from a database schema.
  • fast-rest-services (0 ) (No description)
Josh has 25 from PHP repos:
Dan Robertson has 24 from PHP repos:
  • kohana-table (9 ) Git Repo for a Kohana 3 version of Dave's table class
  • kohana-archive (3 ) Port of kohana archive module from 2 to 3
  • ko2.3.4-email (3 ) Email helper for Swift Mailer version 4 and Kohana 2.3.4.
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