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Jeff Geerling has 5,982 from Python repos:
David Lynch has 3,317 from Python repos: has 1,001 from Python repos:
  • pyshp (910 ) This library reads and writes ESRI Shapefiles in pure Python.
  • Learn (60 ) Code and data samples from and Books
  • geospatialpython (11 ) Code examples from
Ryan Seamus McGee has 578 from Python repos:
  • seirsplus (576 ) Models of SEIRS epidemic dynamics with extensions, including network-structured populations, testing, contact tracing, and social distancing.
  • pycrobe (2 ) A simple package for simulations of microbial growth experiments with realistic sources of error.
Kumar Challa has 554 from Python repos:
  • Monitoring (554 ) Monitor ESXi, Synology, Docker, PiHole and Raspberry Pi and Windows using Grafana, InfluxDB and Telegraf
Donald Danforth Plant Science Center has 436 from Python repos:
Shawn Presser has 419 from Python repos:
  • gpt-2 (101 ) Code for the paper "Language Models are Unsupervised Multitask Learners"
  • tpunicorn (57 ) Babysit your preemptible TPUs
  • scrap (43 ) Nearly a thousand bash and python scripts I've written over the years.
Jeff Heaton has 379 from Python repos:
  • jh-kaggle-util (258 ) Jeff Heaton's Kaggle Utilities
  • pyimgdata (72 ) (No description)
  • papers (27 ) Repository to hold source code related to academic papers I've published.
Ira Hall lab has 246 from Python repos:
  • svtools (111 ) Tools for processing and analyzing structural variants.
  • svtyper (96 ) Bayesian genotyper for structural variants
  • gtex (16 ) GTEx analysis scripts
AT&T Community Development has 148 from Python repos:
Todd has 144 from Python repos:
  • PetroPy (141 ) A petrophysics python package for geoscience python computing of conventional and unconventional formation evaluation. Reads las files and creates a pandas dataframe of the log data. Includes a basic petrophysical workflow and a simple log viewer based on XML templates.
  • mlbgameday (3 ) A python API for MLBAM gameday data. Stores data using SQLAlchemy. Returns data in PANDAS data frames.
Shuhao Cao has 126 from Python repos:
Jake Coffman has 105 from Python repos:
  • flask-tutorial (90 ) Source code for video tutorial series
  • falcon_example (6 ) Example implementation of Python Falcon REST server with angular frontend.
  • flask-bootstrap (5 ) a bootstrap project for Python's Flask, Twitter Bootstrap, and JQuery
Chris Oliver has 101 from Python repos:
Ayan Chakrabarti has 89 from Python repos:
  • fdscs (31 ) (No description)
  • rpgan (20 ) RP-GAN: Stable GAN Training with Random Projections
  • learncfa (12 ) Learning Sensor Multiplexing Design through Back-propagation
Li Ding's Lab has 85 from Python repos:
Bo Bayles has 76 from Python repos:
Dan Vatterott has 74 from Python repos:
  • BMM_attentional_CNN (66 ) A CNN with an attentional module that I built while attending the brains minds and machines summer course
  • Kodi_addons (4 ) repsitory for kodi addons that I build
  • nba_project (3 ) Playing with NBA data
Benjamin Sumlin has 73 from Python repos:
  • PyMieScatt (69 ) A collection of forward and inverse Mie solving routines for Python 3, based on Bohren and Huffman's Mie Theory derivations
  • rpi_ad7606 (4 ) Python library for interfacing an Analog Devices AD7606 to a Raspberry Pi
Cameron Urban has 71 from Python repos:
  • PteraSoftware (71 ) Ptera Software is a fast, easy-to-use, and open-source software package for analyzing flapping-wing flight.
Brian Hicks has 70 from Python repos:
  • emit (38 ) Build graphs to process streams. Now with Celery!
  • django-plop (13 ) Django plop middleware
  • koalas (4 ) (No description)
G Roques has 70 from Python repos:
  • naive-bayes (26 ) A Python implementation of Naive Bayes from scratch.
  • ose-3d-printer-workbench (13 ) A FreeCAD workbench for designing 3D printers by Open Source Ecology (OSE).
  • missionaries-and-cannibals (11 ) Python program that solves the Missionaries and Cannibals problem, a toy problem in AI, with iterative deepening search.
ryan has 66 from Python repos:
  • py-sec-edgar (58 ) Python application used to download, parse, and extract structured/unstructured data from filings in the SEC Edgar Database (including 10-K, 10-Q, 13-D, S-1, 8-K, etc.)
  • zmq-high-speed-subs (8 ) Example of High-Speed Subscriber Patterns in ZeroMQ
  • apd-core (0 ) Core repo for
Addison Elliott has 63 from Python repos:
  • polarTransform (20 ) Python package that converts between polar and cartesian domain (in images too).
  • pypdn (14 ) Python package to read and write Paint.NET (PDN) images.
  • SmartShopTouchScreen (9 ) SmartShop is a home inventory management system created by a group of engineers in a senior design group at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE). The design was created over the Fall 2016 - Spring 2017 academic period. The application uses Python 3.5.2 with PyQt5 to create a GUI for users to interact with the SainSmart 7" touchscreen attached to a Raspberry Pi 3.
Zach Cheatham has 59 from Python repos:
  • ha-omada (58 ) Home Assistant TP-Link Omada Integration
  • ha-tuya-local (1 ) Home Assistant Integration for Tuya Devices via LAN
  • home-assistant (0 ) :house_with_garden: Open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first
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