120 Matlab users in St. Louis

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Roman Garnett has 105 from Matlab repos:
  • active_learning (38 ) Active learning toolbox for MATLAB
  • gpml_extensions (27 ) Provides various extensions to the GPML toolbox for Gaussian process inference in MATLAB.
  • active_gp_hyperlearning (13 ) Active learning of GP hyperparameters following Garnett, et al., "Active Learning of Linear Embeddings for Gaussian Processes," (UAI 2014).
Ayan Chakrabarti has 100 from Matlab repos:
  • mdepth (50 ) Depth from a Single Image by Harmonizing Overcomplete Local Network Predictions
  • ndeblur (41 ) A Neural Approach to Blind Motion Deblurring
  • rgbps (9 ) Single-shot RGB-PS With Spatially-varying Albedo
WUSM Human Connectome Project has 36 from Matlab repos:
  • cifti-matlab (34 ) MATLAB code for reading and writing CIFTI connectivity files
  • megconnectome (2 ) MEG data processing pipelines for the HCP Young Adult project
Hanyang Liu has 14 from Matlab repos:
  • BCLS (7 ) MATLAB code of "Balanced Clustering with Least Square Regression"
  • SOGE (7 ) MATLAB code for "Semi-supervised Orthogonal Graph Embedding with Recursive Projections"
Gustavo Malkomes has 11 from Matlab repos:
  • active_gp_learning (4 ) This package provides a set of tools for performing active-learning with Gaussian Processes.
  • abo (4 ) Automating Bayesian optimization with Bayesian optimization
  • automated_model_selection (3 ) Bayesian optimization for automated model selection (BOMS)
Nathan Dauber has 11 from Matlab repos:
Washington University School of Medicine Optical Radiology Labs has 9 from Matlab repos:
  • NeuroDOT_Beta (8 ) A beta release of NeuroDOT, an extensible Matlab toolbox for efficient optical brain mapping
  • PTB3_stim (1 ) Custom stimulus delivery code using Matlab Psychophysics Toolbox 3
  • NetworkLevelAnalysis_v1.0 (0 ) (No description)
Srinivas Bavisetti has 8 from Matlab repos:
Ryan Raut has 7 from Matlab repos:
  • lag-code (7 ) Code for computing cross-correlation (lags) and autocorrelation (intrinsic timescales) from multivariate time series. Optimized for fMRI data
  • arousal-waves (0 ) MATLAB code and data files related to Raut et al. 2021 Science Advances
  • intrinsic-timescales (0 ) MATLAB code and data files related to Raut et al. 2020 PNAS
Shali Jiang has 7 from Matlab repos:
Addison Elliott has 6 from Matlab repos:
  • matnrrd (6 ) MATLAB NRRD library that provides easy-to-use functions to load and save NRRD files.
Cyber-Physical Systems Laboratory (CPSL) has 6 from Matlab repos:
Kyle Dawson has 5 from Matlab repos:
  • CATCH (3 ) This package provides code and datafiles necessary to classify model output of atmospheric aerosol chemical composition into aerosol types. This algorithm is proprietary software owned by North Carolina State University, Raleigh NC (however, the source code is provided until I am forced to take it down). Contact to use
  • hsrltool (2 ) A GUI tool to read NASA HSRL HDF5 files. Other functions grab file info and quickly plot data.
Neal Patwari has 5 from Matlab repos:
  • locationCRB (2 ) Cramer-Rao Lower Bound for Rx Power, TOA, AOA, and quantized Rx Power measurements
  • plotROC (2 ) Matlab code for computing and plotting a receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve
  • ese471 (1 ) Matlab and Python for ESE 471 projects
Daniel Combest has 4 from Matlab repos:
Dikshya Swain has 4 from Matlab repos:
Fei Tan has 4 from Matlab repos:
  • ztran (3 ) Solution of Dynamic Incomplete Information Models
  • dsge-svt (1 ) An Econometric Toolkit for High-Dimensional DSGE Models with SV and t Errors
  • dsge-sv-affine (0 ) Estimation of Macro-Finance DSGE Models with SV and Affine Solution
Binxu has 3 from Matlab repos:
Topp-Roots-Lab has 3 from Matlab repos:
Zhen Zhang has 3 from Matlab repos:
Alex Holehouse has 2 from Matlab repos:
  • l1ktools (1 ) Software tools to analyze data produced from the L1000 project
  • MATLAB_parameter_estimation (1 ) Part of my dissertation project, a selection of MATLAB scripts for generating and evaluating parameters based on empirical data originally collected by Hendriks et al. This is NOT GENERIC, but specific for a project
Cameron Urban has 2 from Matlab repos:
  • PteraControls (2 ) PteraControls is a tool for designing control systems for flapping wing vehicles.
Babacar Diop has 2 from Matlab repos:
Oren Bell has 2 from Matlab repos:
  • FalloutHackingHelper (2 ) A collection of programs to solve the fallout hacking game. It calculates the word with the most informational entropy so the correct word can be found in the fewest guesses possible.
Ruiqi Chen 陈睿祺 has 2 from Matlab repos:
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