110 Matlab users in St. Louis

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Ayan Chakrabarti has 97 from Matlab repos:
  • mdepth (50 ) Depth from a Single Image by Harmonizing Overcomplete Local Network Predictions
  • ndeblur (38 ) A Neural Approach to Blind Motion Deblurring
  • rgbps (9 ) Single-shot RGB-PS With Spatially-varying Albedo
Roman Garnett has 95 from Matlab repos:
  • active_learning (36 ) Active learning toolbox for MATLAB
  • gpml_extensions (23 ) Provides various extensions to the GPML toolbox for Gaussian process inference in MATLAB.
  • active_gp_hyperlearning (10 ) Active learning of GP hyperparameters following Garnett, et al., "Active Learning of Linear Embeddings for Gaussian Processes," (UAI 2014).
WUSM Human Connectome Project has 31 from Matlab repos:
  • cifti-matlab (29 ) MATLAB code for reading and writing CIFTI connectivity files
  • megconnectome (2 ) MEG data processing pipelines for the HCP Young Adult project
Hanyang Liu has 13 from Matlab repos:
  • SOGE (7 ) MATLAB code for "Semi-supervised Orthogonal Graph Embedding with Recursive Projections"
  • BCLS (6 ) MATLAB code of "Balanced Clustering with Least Square Regression"
Nathan Dauber has 11 from Matlab repos:
Srinivas Bavisetti has 7 from Matlab repos:
Shali Jiang has 7 from Matlab repos:
Washington University School of Medicine Optical Radiology Labs has 7 from Matlab repos:
  • NeuroDOT_Beta (6 ) A beta release of NeuroDOT, an extensible Matlab toolbox for efficient optical brain mapping
  • PTB3_stim (1 ) Custom stimulus delivery code using Matlab Psychophysics Toolbox 3
  • NetworkLevelAnalysis_v1.0 (0 ) (No description)
Addison Elliott has 6 from Matlab repos:
  • matnrrd (6 ) MATLAB NRRD library that provides easy-to-use functions to load and save NRRD files.
Gustavo Malkomes has 6 from Matlab repos:
  • automated_model_selection (2 ) Bayesian optimization for automated model selection (BOMS)
  • active_gp_learning (2 ) This package provides a set of tools for performing active-learning with Gaussian Processes.
  • abo (2 ) Automating Bayesian optimization with Bayesian optimization
Cyber-Physical Systems Laboratory (CPSL) has 6 from Matlab repos:
Daniel Combest has 4 from Matlab repos:
Binxu has 3 from Matlab repos:
Dikshya Swain has 3 from Matlab repos:
Topp-Roots-Lab has 3 from Matlab repos:
Zhen Zhang has 3 from Matlab repos:
Alex Holehouse has 2 from Matlab repos:
  • l1ktools (1 ) Software tools to analyze data produced from the L1000 project
  • MATLAB_parameter_estimation (1 ) Part of my dissertation project, a selection of MATLAB scripts for generating and evaluating parameters based on empirical data originally collected by Hendriks et al. This is NOT GENERIC, but specific for a project
Michael R. Walker II has 2 from Matlab repos:
  • BezBic (1 ) Bezier surface fitting with automatic order selection
  • GUISliders (1 ) Uipanel of sliders with user-configurable bounds
  • matlab-startup (0 ) Startup utilities for Matlab
Neal Patwari has 2 from Matlab repos:
  • ese471 (1 ) Matlab and Python for ESE 471 projects
  • plotROC (1 ) Matlab code for computing and plotting a receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve
  • letter-entropy (0 ) Calculate the entropy per letter (multiple letter sequence) in Matlab from a source text (e.g., Romeo and Juliet)
Wouter Kool has 2 from Matlab repos:
  • selfcontrol (1 ) Data for "Neural and behavioral evidence for an intrinsic cost of self-control" (Kool et al., 2013)
  • demandavoidance (1 ) Tasks for "Decision making and the avoidance of cognitive demand" (Kool et al., 2010)
  • ccnl-fmri (0 ) fmri analysis tools
Cameron Urban has 1 from Matlab repos:
  • PteraControls (1 ) PteraControls is a tool for designing control systems for flapping wing vehicles.
Robert Chango has 1 from Matlab repos:
  • spectra_earthquakes (1 ) script to study time series analysis of earthquakes
  • masters (0 ) set of codes during my masters time at SLU
Hudanyun Sheng has 1 from Matlab repos:
Babacar Diop has 1 from Matlab repos:
Mingyuan Shen has 1 from Matlab repos:
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