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Roman Garnett has 76 from TeX repos:
  • cse515t (76 ) Materials for Bayesian Methods in Machine Learning Course
  • notes (0 ) Notes on various topics
Rob Williams has 18 from TeX repos:
  • Job-Market (11 ) Academic job market template
  • UNC-Dissertation-Template (6 ) Updated LaTeX template for UNC dissertations based on Björn Brandenburg's template
  • Teaching (1 ) Document templates and useful scripts for teaching
Rebecca Skinner has 17 from TeX repos:
Shuhao Cao has 13 from TeX repos:
  • copilot-funny-demos (13 ) Writing a fake paper? Chat about math? GitHub copilot can do lots of things...
W. Michael Shirk has 9 from TeX repos:
  • hymnale (6 ) A plainsong hymnal in the English tradition
  • bcp (2 ) (No description)
  • missale (1 ) (No description)
Miao Cai has 6 from TeX repos:
David Fleming has 6 from TeX repos:
  • boxSim (3 ) c++ 2D particles in a box simulation
  • thesis (1 ) David P. Fleming's UW Thesis
  • sync (1 ) Studying tidal-locking in stellar binaries using equilibrium tidal models.
Liang-Bo Wang has 4 from TeX repos:
Gregory Brunner has 3 from TeX repos:
  • tex-cv (3 ) The CV template that I've been using for almost 10 years!
  • PAHFIT_MAP (0 ) This folder contains the PAHFIT mapping tools that I created as a Spitzer Visiting Graduate Student Fellow and results for M51 and other galaxies
Masaki Tanaka has 3 from TeX repos:
Bryan Clair has 3 from TeX repos:
  • book-test (3 ) Model book to work on bookdown functionality.
Robert Marshall Murphy has 2 from TeX repos:
Michael J. Schultz has 2 from TeX repos:
Michael T Schmidt has 2 from TeX repos:
  • Physicae-Mathematica (2 ) A rigorous formulation of mathematics and physics.
  • website (0 ) This is my resume and website which both pull from a json file with structured data relevant to both. When I update the json file both the website and resume reflect those changes.
1904labs has 1 from TeX repos:
  • taocp (1 ) Study Group for The Art of Computer Programming
Austin Hester has 1 from TeX repos:
Cghlewis has 1 from TeX repos:
  • simple-resume (1 ) simplified version of resume using vitae package
Hudanyun Sheng has 1 from TeX repos:
Charles Du has 1 from TeX repos:
Dave Larson has 1 from TeX repos:
  • binomial_filter (1 ) Written description of the somatic binomial llr filter implemented in the GMS
Avinash R has 1 from TeX repos:
  • simple-cv (1 ) A simple easily modifyable LaTeX documenclass to create academic CVs.
  • avi-phd-thesis (0 ) My PhD dissertation at Washington University in St. Louis
Shumin Guo has 1 from TeX repos:
  • hadoop.admin.book (1 ) The latex code for book hadoop operations and project management cookbook.
Guilherme Frederico Lima has 1 from TeX repos:
Jamie Lea has 1 from TeX repos:
  • Machine_Learning (1 ) This repository shows selected work from my graduate machine learning class
Kelsey Schuster has 1 from TeX repos:
  • pset_template (1 ) Simple LaTeX template for typesetting problem set solutions.
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