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Avdi Grimm has 224 from CSS repos:
  • ppwm (223 ) A site to promote diverse pair-programming
  • inch-pages (1 ) Jekyll Page generator for Inch Pages
Jared Forsyth has 121 from CSS repos:
Strange Loop has 64 from CSS repos:
Bryan Young has 54 from CSS repos:
Kerrick Long has 42 from CSS repos:
Sean Davis has 41 from CSS repos:
  • _s-easy-digital-downloads (34 ) The Underscores (_s) Starter Theme tweaked and integrated with Easy Digital Downloads
  • enterprise-lite (6 ) This is the wordpress.org version of the Enterprise theme by BuildWPYourself.com
  • presentation-lite (1 ) Free WordPress Theme - this is the base version available for download on wordpress.org. The full version supports bbPress and Easy Digital Downloads as well as more features and color schemes. Check out the full version.
Felipe has 39 from CSS repos:
Matthew Reichardt has 37 from CSS repos:
Jordan Lev has 36 from CSS repos:
Neil Kistner has 34 from CSS repos:
  • atom-seti-icons (33 ) The awesome icons provided by Seti UI theme.
  • x-imdb (1 ) A Polymer element to query and display IMDB information.
  • seti-ui (0 ) A subtle dark colored UI theme for Atom.
OCI Labs - Object Computing, Inc. has 31 from CSS repos:
Chris Oliver has 25 from CSS repos:
Siddique Hameed has 25 from CSS repos:
Brian Hicks has 21 from CSS repos:
1905 New Media has 18 from CSS repos:
  • bonestrap (17 ) The perfect marriage of Bones theme & Boostrap 3
  • woostrap (1 ) WooCommerce Bootstrap Theme
  • Efeqdev-Bones (0 ) Bones Wordpress Starter theme with bones offsets, hidden/visible classes as well as @2x _mixin, multiple apple touch icons added. Gettin' custom, yo.
Bullhorn has 16 from CSS repos:
Jeff Scott Brown has 16 from CSS repos:
Chaehong Lee has 15 from CSS repos:
  • Style-Transfer-for-Headshot-Portraits (15 ) Python implementation of YiChang Shih's "Style Transfer for Headshots Portraits" [http://www.connellybarnes.com/work/publications/2014_portrait.pdf]
James Carr has 14 from CSS repos:
Spencer Schneidenbach has 13 from CSS repos:
Mikey Lombardi (He/Him) has 12 from CSS repos:
  • mkdocs-psinder (12 ) A clean, responsive PowerShell flavored MkDocs theme - forked from Cinder
Andy Leverenz has 11 from CSS repos:
Mike McBride has 10 from CSS repos:
Jeff Geerling has 9 from CSS repos:
Matt Rea has 9 from CSS repos:
  • token-demo-src (8 ) This repo demonstrates a simple design automation workflow that handles design tokens, their transformation to css vars, and pushing updated css files to another project repo.
  • stencil-storybook-token-demo (1 ) This is a companion project to token-demo-src, an example design token build pipeline. This repo contains a sample component built in Stencil documented in Storybook that consumes design token pipeline outputs (css variables) for a themeable button component.
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