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Siddique Hameed has 808 from HTML repos:
Andy Leverenz has 451 from HTML repos:
  • tumblrboilerplate (333 ) Tumblr Boiler Plate Theme
  • kickoff (40 ) A Ruby on Rails Application starter template for screencasts featured on
  • tumbleplate (35 ) The official boilerplate for tumblr theme development.
Jake Coffman has 122 from HTML repos:
Mark Volkmann has 122 from HTML repos:
Ben Vierck has 91 from HTML repos:
SLU Data Science Seminar openGIS Project has 66 from HTML repos:
  • areal (65 ) R package for areal interpolation
  • rladies19 (1 ) St. Louis R Ladies tidystl Session (April 2019)
  • shawCrime (0 ) Crime Data for the Shaw Neighborhood
Liang-Bo Wang has 63 from HTML repos:
Tim Peterson has 63 from HTML repos:
Kit Menke has 58 from HTML repos:
  • sputility (58 ) A JavaScript library used to make modifications to SharePoint's list forms (NewForm.aspx and EditForm.aspx in a survey, custom list or library).
Gregory Brunner has 55 from HTML repos:
  • Python_for_GIS_and_RS (37 ) Python for GIS and Remote Sensing Class for St. Louis University, Spring 2017 Semester
  • court-js (7 ) Repository for javascript and html basketball shotchart visualizations.
  • Courtside-Geography (6 ) This project explores how Geographic Information Systems can be used for managing, visualizing, and analyzing basketball data.
David Ortinau has 47 from HTML repos:
  • build2017-new-in-xamarin-forms (47 ) Weather demo showing Xamarin.Forms embedded in Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, and UWP non-Xamarin.Forms applications.
Tim Holy has 30 from HTML repos:
Jacob Wasilkowski has 27 from HTML repos:
  • esri-experiments (22 ) Fly in space and look across the sea: demos and experiments with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript
  • esri-svelte-basemaps-example (4 ) An example Svelte application that shows how to use esri-loader to create a custom <EsriMapView> component.
  • esri-riot-example (1 ) An example Riot application that shows how to use esri-loader to create a custom <esri-map-view> component.
Maritz has 23 from HTML repos:
  • mtz-wizard (8 ) All of the elements required to implement a stepper controlled series of forms that support lazy-loading steps upon activation as well as validation and bulk submission tasks.
  • mtz-update-password (4 ) An element for validating a password matches all requirements before updating.
  • mtz-ajax-interceptor (3 ) A group of elements to support intercepting ajax requests for injecting headers or handling responses globally.
Chris Oliver has 21 from HTML repos:
Bullhorn has 20 from HTML repos:
Gavin Rehkemper has 19 from HTML repos:
Matthew Smith has 19 from HTML repos:
Scott Handley has 18 from HTML repos:
  • Microbiome-Analysis-Using-R (13 ) Microbiome Analysis Using R Workshop originally organized for the 2018 ASM General Meeting in Atlanta, GA, but regularly updated since.
  • 2018_ASM_Workshop (5 ) Microbiome Analysis Using R Workshop hosted at the 2018 ASM General Meeting in Atlanta, GA.
  • human_volunteer_rotabiome (0 ) Analysis of 16S rRNA (dada2 amplicon sequence variants) from human volunteers given various vaccines following two different antibiotics treatments compared to no antibiotics.
Travis Horn has 16 from HTML repos:
  • jquery-headerPersist (6 ) Locks a header to the top of the page only when user is scrolling within it's parent container.
  • jquery-tabsLite (5 ) A lighter version of jQuery UI's tabs. For when you just need simple tab functionality and don't need to include the entire jQuery UI library.
  • jquery-rowClick (4 ) Expands the clickable area to an entire table row if that row contains a link.
Jessica Kerr has 15 from HTML repos:
Joshua Ulrich has 15 from HTML repos:
Kevin Scannell has 15 from HTML repos:
  • gaelspell (11 ) Automatically exported from
  • droichead (2 ) Nascanna idir Foclóir Uí Dhónaill agus DIL
  • aimsigh (1 ) Source for the now-defunct Irish search engine
David Lynch has 14 from HTML repos:
HeyItsGwen has 12 from HTML repos:
  • NTY-Clone-Ara-and-Gwen (9 ) This is a clone of and New York Times article for a project in the Microverse program. Article:
  • Newsweek-Clone (2 ) This is a clone of the homepage
  • Free-Loading-Icons (1 ) It's a bunch of open source loading icons made with pure html/css!
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