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Jeff Heaton has 1,994 from Java repos:
Mark Heckler has 330 from Java repos:
  • building-reactive-pipelines (44 ) Reactive Spring Cloud Stream projects to accompany my session "Building Reactive Pipelines"
  • drinking-from-the-stream (43 ) Spring Cloud Stream Java projects to accompany my session titled Drinking from the Stream
  • spring-into-kotlin (18 ) Repository (with multiple branches) that accompanies my session "Springing into Kotlin"
Addison Elliott has 155 from Java repos:
  • SegmentedButton (145 ) Segmented Control/Button with animation for Android API 16+
  • SmartShopApp (4 ) SmartShop is a home inventory management system created by a group of engineers in a senior design group at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE). The design was created over the Fall 2016 - Spring 2017 academic period. The application uses Android Studio and Java to create an Android app for users to interact with the SmartShop system wirelessly.
  • RippleDrawable (3 ) Ripple effect for Android 16+
Enliven has 137 from Java repos:
  • teamcity-slack (137 ) Configurable TeamCity notifier plugin for Slack.
Andrew Dillon has 97 from Java repos:
  • JRPiCam (92 ) Java API to access Raspberry Pi Camera
  • Picasso (2 ) A JavaFX Side Scrolling Game
  • pc-lejos-rc (1 ) This program should be run on a PC. It allows the PC to control a Lego EV3 (running LeJOS) via a Bluetooth connection.
Mike Menne has 97 from Java repos:
Bullhorn has 79 from Java repos:
  • sdk-rest (36 ) A Bullhorn Platform SDK library. Intelligently access the Bullhorn REST API and Staffing Object Model in your Java-based application.
  • starter-kit-spring-maven (24 ) A Bullhorn Platform SDK library. Quickly build Java-based applications, services and CRM extensions that consume the Bullhorn REST API.
  • dataloader (12 ) A Bullhorn Platform SDK tool. Quickly import CSV data into your Bullhorn CRM.
Shantonu Sarker has 73 from Java repos:
Siddique Hameed has 58 from Java repos:
Alex Miller has 57 from Java repos:
joe beuckman has 49 from Java repos:
Ben Oberkfell has 43 from Java repos:
James Carr has 40 from Java repos:
turtleisaac has 31 from Java repos:
  • PokEditor-v2 (17 ) Multifunctional in-depth editor for Pokémon Gen 4 game data.
  • PokEditor (13 ) Multifunctional in-depth editor for Pokémon Gen 4 and 5 game data
  • Narctowl (1 ) Narc Unpacker and Packer for Nintendo DS Pokémon Games
Heath Borders has 30 from Java repos:
Jessica Kerr has 28 from Java repos:
  • fp4ood (17 ) Functional Principles For OO Development - presentations and sample code
  • TelephoneGame (4 ) Let's play with speech recognition.
  • cat-diary (3 ) A journal app for cats, yeah
Abdurrahim unsal has 26 from Java repos:
Brian Coyner has 26 from Java repos:
  • Log4FIX-J (26 ) FIX (Financial Information Exchange) Message Parser/ Viewer (Java)
Matt Todd has 26 from Java repos:
Oasis Digital Solutions Inc. has 26 from Java repos:
  • nges (14 ) Next Generation Event Store - An event store implemented as an embeddable Java library. Event persistence in PostgreSQL, JGroups multicast hinting for immediate (and still strictly ordered) event delivery. An audacious name for a modest library.
  • bazel-examples (10 ) Deprecated - see our other repos for Bazel examples
  • bazel-java-example (1 ) (No description)
Mitchell Skaggs has 25 from Java repos:
Mark Ramach has 25 from Java repos:
Joe Pritzel has 23 from Java repos:
  • MoparClassic (4 ) An emulator for an old java MMORPG
  • Mu (3 ) µ is a modular, extensible and performance conscious RSPS emulator.
  • APK-Dumper (2 ) Copies APK files to SD card.
Michael Remijan has 23 from Java repos:
  • thoth-security-api (5 ) Research and Development on EE Security API (JSR 375)
  • thoth-cryptography (5 ) Research and Development on security (Hashing, Encryption, etc.)
  • thoth-rsa (3 ) Research on using ssh-keygen or openssl to generate public/private keys which a Java application can use.
Brian Stansberry has 21 from Java repos:
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