1022 Java users in St. Louis

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jeffheaton has 1814 from Java repos:
encog has 952 from Java repos:
markrjr has 256 from Java repos:
  • Salut (254 ) A nice library for working with WiFi P2P service discovery on Android.
  • Mixen-Android (2 ) An awesome music player with the ability to create a playlist shared between devices.
mkheck has 179 from Java repos:
  • drinking-from-the-stream (38 ) Spring Cloud Stream Java projects to accompany my session titled Drinking from the Stream
  • building-reactive-pipelines (36 ) Reactive Spring Cloud Stream projects to accompany my session "Building Reactive Pipelines"
  • spring-into-kotlin (16 ) Repository (with multiple branches) that accompanies my session "Springing into Kotlin"
enlivenhq has 140 from Java repos:
  • teamcity-slack (140 ) Configurable TeamCity notifier plugin for Slack.
cbedoy has 91 from Java repos:
Hopding has 85 from Java repos:
  • JRPiCam (81 ) Java API to access Raspberry Pi Camera
  • ev3-lejos-btrc (1 ) This program should be run on a Lego EV3 running LeJOS. It allows the EV3 to be remote controlled by a PC via a Bluetooth connection.
  • pc-lejos-rc (1 ) This program should be run on a PC. It allows the PC to control a Lego EV3 (running LeJOS) via a Bluetooth connection.
mpmenne has 82 from Java repos:
siddii has 56 from Java repos:
addisonElliott has 48 from Java repos:
  • SegmentedButton (45 ) Segmented Control/Button with animation for Android API 16+
  • GoogleCalendarView (2 ) An Android project replicating the calendar view in Google Calendar. The calendar provides an easy mixture between a calendar and an agenda, allowing the user to use the view as either or seamlessly.
  • SmartShopApp (1 ) SmartShop is a home inventory management system created by a group of engineers in a senior design group at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE). The design was created over the Fall 2016 - Spring 2017 academic period. The application uses Android Studio and Java to create an Android app for users to interact with the SmartShop system wirelessly.
bullhorn has 46 from Java repos:
  • sdk-rest (24 ) A Bullhorn Platform SDK library. Intelligently access the Bullhorn REST API and Staffing Object Model in your Java-based application.
  • starter-kit-spring-maven (15 ) A Bullhorn Platform SDK library. Quickly build Java-based applications, services and CRM extensions that consume the Bullhorn REST API.
  • dataloader (7 ) A Bullhorn Platform SDK tool. Quickly import CSV data into your Bullhorn CRM.
jbeuckm has 46 from Java repos:
objectcomputing has 45 from Java repos:
  • Pronghorn (38 )
  • GreenLightning (5 )
  • jbossws-native (2 ) JBoss web services native 3rd party library, for support of JBoss customers
benoberkfell has 44 from Java repos:
puredanger has 33 from Java repos:
  • clojure-from-java (25 ) Example of creating a Java interface backed by Clojure
  • zippers (8 ) Code for tree/zippers article
caspian311 has 26 from Java repos:
hborders has 26 from Java repos:
jessitron has 23 from Java repos:
  • fp4ood (17 ) Functional Principles For OO Development - presentations and sample code
  • TelephoneGame (4 ) Let's play with speech recognition.
  • Tronsmit (2 ) Android application to send the last picture taken to a configured contact
markramach has 23 from Java repos:
AndrewBell has 18 from Java repos:
  • spring-angular-starter (6 ) Spring Boot web and security starters, with an AngularJS page with mock controls.
  • johnny5 (2 ) A Slack bot using SpringBoot
  • RCbot (2 ) RCbot is an IRC bot based on pircbotx. It provides many modules, including a RPG combat game, as well as chat speech analysis.
jeremy-brenner has 18 from Java repos:
kensipe has 16 from Java repos:
mjremijan has 16 from Java repos:
benjaminplee has 15 from Java repos:
  • Lexiku (3 ) Combination game between Sudoku and Scrabble
  • tweetpublisher (3 ) A CruiseControl publisher which sends build information to a specified twitter account.
  • booklouse (2 ) BookWorm helper app
OasisDigital has 15 from Java repos:
  • nges (14 ) Next Generation Event Store - An event store implemented as an embeddable Java library. Event persistence in PostgreSQL, JGroups multicast hinting for immediate (and still strictly ordered) event delivery. An audacious name for a modest library.
  • nges-sample-tic-tac-toe (1 ) Sample web application for human versus human tic-tac-toe - example demonstrating Next Generation Event Store
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