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jeffbski has 3720 from JavaScript repos:
  • redux-logic (1706 ) Redux middleware for organizing all your business logic. Intercept actions and perform async processing.
  • wait-on (785 ) wait-on is a cross-platform command line utility and Node.js API which will wait for files, ports, sockets, and http(s) resources to become available
  • bench-rest (298 ) bench-rest - benchmark REST (HTTP/HTTPS) API's. node.js client module for easy load testing / benchmarking REST API's using a simple structure/DSL can create REST flows with setup and teardown and returns (measured) metrics.
schmich has 3400 from JavaScript repos:
  • instascan (2161 ) HTML5 QR code scanner using your webcam
  • marinara (1183 ) Pomodoro┬« time management assistant for Chrome
  • connect-browser-sync (18 ) Connect middleware for BrowserSync
travishorn has 634 from JavaScript repos:
  • fake-identity (404 ) Generate random identity objects including name, address, etc. This may be useful if you are trying to fill your application with random personal data.
  • jquery-sessionTimeout (53 ) After a set amount of time, a dialog is shown to the user with the option to either log out now, or stay connected. If log out now is selected, the page is redirected to a logout URL. If stay connected is selected, a keep-alive URL is requested through AJAX. If no options is selected after another set amount of time, the page is automatically redirected to a timeout URL.
  • npm-package-store (43 ) A web app that displays updates for your globally installed NPM modules.
dustinspecker has 464 from JavaScript repos:
kemayo has 451 from JavaScript repos:
  • maphilight (439 ) jQuery plugin that adds highlighting to image maps
  • firefox-sticky-containers (9 ) Firefox extention to make the current container "sticky" when opening a new tab
  • colorclock (1 ) A clock whose colors depend on the time
Kerrick has 244 from JavaScript repos:
  • readability-js (166 ) Since the original was abandoned to start a web service, I'm now going to attempt to maintain the JS+CSS portion
  • Mostly-Harmless (54 ) A reddit extension for Google Chrome
  • githabit (23 ) Use Github webhooks with HabitRPG!
gavinr has 214 from JavaScript repos:
excid3 has 204 from JavaScript repos:
encog has 202 from JavaScript repos:
jeffheaton has 201 from JavaScript repos:
jbeuckm has 200 from JavaScript repos:
mvolkmann has 186 from JavaScript repos:
  • react-examples (33 ) examples of using the React web framework
  • svelte-todo (20 ) a simple Svelte-based todo app
  • redux-easy (18 ) a set of utility functions that make using Redux easier
nicholascloud has 178 from JavaScript repos:
  • l33teral (104 ) l33teral object literals
  • tbtree (15 ) twitter bootstrap tree control
  • jsdoc3-dash (13 ) Dash compatible documentation for jsdoc3
geerlingguy has 168 from JavaScript repos:
  • temperature-monitor (131 ) Raspberry Pi-based home temperature monitoring network.
  • nodejs-dev-vm (23 ) DEPRECATED Simple Node.js Development VM using Vagrant + VirtualBox + Ansible
  • JJG-Node-Ping (10 ) A simple ping wrapper for Node.js which returns the latency and result of a ping to a given address.
hlfshell has 147 from JavaScript repos:
  • CanThey (63 ) An authorization (not authentication) helper library. Comes by itself and with optional pre-built express middleware.
  • express-walker (42 ) A router loader for node and express apps.
  • pokemon-go-slackbot (14 ) Pokemon Go Slackbot that announces nearby pokemon to channel(s)
TypecastException has 145 from JavaScript repos:
wyze has 136 from JavaScript repos:
fonstok has 125 from JavaScript repos:
  • jfMagnify (124 ) jQuery plugin that creates a magnify glass effect. This plugin will magnify html content, not just images. It does this by cloneing an identified element and its children, scaling it to your specification, and then appending to an identified container element.
  • jfLightBoxLoad (1 ) jQuery light box plugin that uses ajax loading
  • jfPopUp (0 ) basic pop up message script
michaelsbradleyjr has 123 from JavaScript repos:
  • node-clojurescript (113 ) seamless integration between NodeJS and ClojureScript
  • hyper-clj (4 ) Clojure based implementations and interpretations of the examples in "Building Hypermedia APIs with HTML5 and Node"
  • next-mobx-wrapper (4 ) MobX wrapper for Next.js
njosefbeck has 120 from JavaScript repos:
  • gatsby-source-stripe (56 ) Gatsby source plugin for building websites using Stripe as a data source
  • unicorn-mart (21 ) A proof of concept e-commerce store leveraging Contentful, GatsbyJS, Stripe, and serverless via
  • gatsby-plugin-stripe (18 ) [DEPRECATED] A Gatsby.js plugin that includes stripe.js in every page of your Gatsby site
Tandemly has 113 from JavaScript repos:
pstephan1187 has 112 from JavaScript repos:
  • vue-datatable (85 ) A Vue.js component for filterable and paginated tables.
  • PhantomJS-Google-Charts (27 ) A PantomJS module for creating Google charts SVG/HTML server side and using without a client.
  • vue-tools (0 ) Set of useful tools that can be used by a large number of vue apps.
adampax has 110 from JavaScript repos:
  • AlloyActionJackson (58 ) Action Bar examples using custom Holo themes and Titanium Alloy. It's Time for 'Action'.
  • TiCloak (15 ) Example Project using maps in Appcelerator Titanium
  • TiSortable (9 ) Drag and Drop Sorting Grid for Titanium
photokandyStudios has 104 from JavaScript repos:
  • PKVideoThumbnail (39 ) Video Thumbnailing Plugin for Android and iOS
  • YASMF (26 ) Superseded by YASMF-Next (
  • YASMF-Next (17 ) Yet Another Simple Mobile Framework - v0.4
ListenerApproved has 97 from JavaScript repos:
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